Friday, September 18, 2009

San Terri Cottage @ Bangsar Village 2

Sitting on the bright and colourful comfy sofa, pretending I am the ‘tai-tai’ and enjoying the perfect afternoon tea set?! Am I?!

I stopped by at San Terri Cottage at BV2 one day after a restless morning with nonstop lectures. I told myself I need a break; a break from all those hormones and endocrine systems, a time off from how to reduce the size particles and the machines used. Huh…!

I had an afternoon tea set (starts from 2 to 4pm) at only RM 10.90 which comes with a cup of coffee or English tea and a slice of cake of your choice except 3 or 4 listed.

A cuppa of fresh brewed coffee was my choice. I need caffeine!

I chose to have the blueberry cheese cake which was highly recommended by the polite and helpful waitress. It was actually the American cheesecake (if not mistaken) topped with a layer of blueberry jam. The cake was rich and cheesy. Cheesecake lovers, you will love it! ~

Was I enjoying a ‘tai-tai’ lifestyle at that time? No… I was busy stuffing my tiny-little-useless-brain with new terms; while taking little forkfuls of cheesecake that was trying to stimulate the brain to function. Sigh…

Will make another return for more cakes…


xin said...

it's only rm10.90 for tht set? wow, only less than rm12 (with tax) to enjoy the life of a rich tai tai!!!

Taufulou said...

wow..its cheap lei..
lol..u just need to bring your little cousin to add in the atmosphere..keke

~Christine~Leng said...

dear... i can accompany you again here, enjoying the real 'tai-tai' life... wan wan?

J2Kfm said...

they could've carpet the place, then probably it'll give the cafe a slightly charming feel.

Kenny Mah said...

Man, I wouldn't mind a tai-tai life-style myself...

Can men apply ar? :P

kampungboycitygal said...

i love their green tea swissroll. alwiz buy it for lunch. yeah i had the whole roll by myself

ai wei said...

i think i paid exactly RM 10.90 for this afternoon tea set. no tax included or they din 'tax' on me. hehe :)

er... better not bringing little cousin around. later they spoil the whole atmosphere or ... ppl misunderstand me as their mum. TAK MAU!

sure dear, when wanna go again?! we can do shopping and come here for a 'tai-tai' afternoon tea :)
bila mau???

hmmm, to lazy to vacuum the carpet? haha

kenny mah,
sure, men apply for that too. you can have a 'mister' life. sit back and relax with the cuppa and slices of cake :P
errr... men like cakes too???

really? their green tea swiss roll is good? i should try out next time :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

next time I also want to go this place and pretend as "tai tao" and enjoy the afternoon tea, yahoo..

wmw said...

I like the cakes from San Terri :o)

iamthewitch said...

Eh I always passed by this place and I thought the chairs were really cute! Is this offer valid during weekends as well?

New Kid on the Blog said...

do they have a branch in KLCC???

ai wei said...

yes... for sure you can :)
spend some time to travel here and slowly enjoy a perfect afternoon tea :)

i quite like the cake here. will return here for more when i need more de-stress remedy.

hmmm, i am not sure for the weekend deals. will update you when i found it out ya :)

new kid on the blog,
i remember they have branch in hartamas and the gardens. but i am unsure for the KLCC and also if they have the same deals at all branches :)

jason said...

Poor thing, still reading even tea time. Ganbatte!

大头虾萝卜 said...

love ur blog. do come n visit mine too. thanks!

ai wei said...

haihz... no choice lar...

welcome to my blog :)

melvin... said...

san terri doesn't charge custome tax because we don't have an annual sales of rm3mil. tq

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