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Kechara Oasis @ Jaya One, PJ

What comes to your mind when you first come across vegetarian cuisine?
“Meat-less!” (Yes they are, for sure)
“It is something for Vegetarian only.”
“It is something that I am going to have on chor yat sap hmm

After my first experience dining in a vegetarian cuisine, I must change my mind and disagree with the latter two.

My very first Vegetarian dining experience was at Kechara Oasis Jaya One with KampungBoyCityGal, Vkeong and Jason and friend. It was a great lunch and we actually ohhh-ed and aahhh-ed over the lunch. We kept guessing the ingredients they used and how they make them. :P

Kechara Oasis 如意轩 is located in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya; a new age Vegetarian Restaurant that serves healthy vegetarian cuisine. Being new to Jaya One, I still find it easy to get to this place.

The interior design and the decorative items are in the Tibetan style.

The VIP dining area

We were eager to try out their Tibetan Butter Tea 藏式酥油茶 (RM 12.80). It is a kind of tea that made of butter, salt, tea leaves and to be consumed once it is made and while it is still warm.

The buttery, greasy and creamy Exotic Tibetan Tea. The Tibetans have this as part of their daily requirement as it keeps them warm living at high altitude.

Kechara Salad (RM 38) comes with regular portion. A refreshing dish that tastes so-alike-like the Yu Sang we use to have during Chinese New Year.

5 Mandala of Prosperity (RM 58 for small portion) mimics the 4 or 5 seasons we used to have in the wedding ceremony. It comes with butter mushrooms, BBQ skewered ‘pork’, luncheon ‘meat’, Vietnamese Spring Rolls and stir fried beans with lily bulbs. We kept guessing, how they made the meat into real meat texture?!

Tibetan Vegetable Momo (RM 21) is the steamed and pan fried Tibetan or Nepalese dumplings. Personally, I heart this because of the buttery taste of the dumpling skin. The dumpling was juicy and the vege inside was fresh.

Yu Xiang Egg Plant (RM 20 for regular portion) is great too. Just like what normally my mum cooks this at home. It was loaded with minced ‘meat’ and dense and flavoured with chilies.

Golden Pocket with Broccoli priced at RM 20 was a good try. The golden pocket was flavourful and abundant with minced ‘meat’ filling. They were nicely wrapped and poured with the special gravy cooked with gei zi.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (RM 13.80), the crispy and crunchy one.

Fish Head Meehoon priced at RM 20 for this big bowl.

I find this lack of sourish taste as compared to the hawkers’ type. However, according to the restaurant manager, the sourish taste comes from the sour plum itself. The sour plum has its natural nutrients and this mild sourish will not directly damage to the wall of stomach even if you had this whole bowl.

Last but not least from the main courses, we were wow-ed with their Kechara Oasis Fried Chicken (RM 17). It was surprisingly great!!!

KOC in short has the texture so much similar or exactly the same as fried chicken. Some of the customers even said KOC is way more delicious than K*C (you know which). Why not head to Kechara Oasis and try it yourself?

Who says there isn’t any good selection of desserts in Vegetarian Cuisine?!

We tried on the Crystal Fruit dessert (RM 10). The little and cute tiny crystal layer with orange-y custard fillings in it.

And Red Bean Banana Roll (RM 10). Red bean paste and banana slice inside and finally the roll is dusted with icing sugar and rolled over.

I prefer the red bean banana roll to crystal fruit dessert. The red bean banana roll is indeed a flavourul sweet tooth with real sweet banana taste.

Now, I must change my mind towards Vegetarian Food. It is not for vegetarian only. It is for everyone (Vegetarian, Non vegetarian) and even our Muslim friends (as Kechara Oasis has obtained the HALAL certificate). It is not some kind of food that you can have it only on chor yat sap hmm. You can even have it every day till you tried up all of them from the menu (they keep on experimenting on new recipe/ dishes). I must admit, their menu is quite appealing :)

Kechara Oasis
Unit 19-LG1, Level B1
Block D Jaya One,
No. 72A Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: 03- 79681818
Fax: 03- 79688118

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Little Inbox said...

The 5 Mandala of Prosperity caught my attention! The food not look like vegetarian.

ck lam said...

Indeed amazing seeing so many unique vegetarian dishes in this restaurant.

J2Kfm said...

the decor caught my eyes, more than the food though. nicely presented, yes. but nothing that jumps at you.

or maybe i'm biased against vege food.

xin said...

now the vegetarian food is amazing, so unlike those i had in ....15 years ago. i had prawn tempura once and it really tasted like the real thing!!!

Kaizer Chu said...


~Christine~Leng said...

all those vegetarian dishes looks really amazing! so does the environment :)

ai wei said...

little inbox,
doesn't look like vegetarian right??? their skill is amazing!!! look and taste so differently from the ordinary vegetarian.

ck lam,
that is a unique restaurant. cozy environment and yummy-licous vegetarian food.

at first, i do have the same thinking like you. i was biased on vegetarian food at first and this kechara oasis does change my mind :)

ai wei said...

agree agree! really have to agree with you. even the fiber and texture are so real! KOC had my heart now.... Awwww

kaizeru chu,
wei... this post suit you a lot lar! hehehe, see how good i m. a nice place for you and your parents to dine in. but hor... not too cheap lor. suitable for a once a while special occasion dine in =) hehe

dear, nice hor?! hmmm, but not suitable for your dad o... only a few dishes are ok for him :)

daphne said...

The decor LOOKs awesome!

I'm really not too sure about the butter tea though..that sort of make my tummy churn! LOL. having said that I am too a fan of vegetarian food and I find it very inspiring.

kai-ism said...

swt, someone is an imposter of me.

Nevertheless, thank you for introducing a new place i've never been to.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm chicken:)

ai wei said...

i love the deco too. it's sooo... tibetan + nepaliese. it is something we dun usually see here. so do the food. :)

kai-ism is so kai-ism.
hope you like this place if you happen to pay a visit with family.

yaaaa... real 'chicken'


iamthewitch said...

The environment and decor of the place really stand out! Nowadays vegetarian food have become so creative and luxurious even. :)

Shell (貝殼) said...

The Tibetan Butter Tea is something new and special for me..

yummyfoodstastydrinks said...

The food doesn't look like vegetarian...yum yum!! It look so special and the environment look so good...awesome!

Wilson Ng said...

wei wei, when wanna go food review again? :P

ai wei said...

nowadays restaurant and eateries must have their special point. especially their decor. must be great and pretty to attract ppl. don't you think so?

it is quite special. buttery and bit greasy. good for sharing. never have it alone.

honestly speaking, the food don look like vegetarian at all. but they are truly vegetarian and HALAL too.

wilson & rachel,
i wanna go i wanna go. when want to bring me for food again???

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

If you didn't say this is vegetarian, I will not know, it look not like vegetarian at all, all look so yummy, will try it out in one day,.

ai wei said...

LOL. at first we were suprised with all of these too. becz they just don't look so vegetarian. haha
have a try :)

price is slightly higher.

Rebecca Saw said...

well..since you are a veg food convert, hv u tried the one on Jln Ampang, in a temple?
i go there for lunch almost 3 times a week. Very cheap. Not as fancy or tasty but nevertheless, good.

ai wei said...

Jalan Ampang's temple??? i din know there is a temple at jln ampang. where it is???

Unknown said...

It looks an interesting menu. Shall visit as the odd times we do not mind vegetarian food. Thanks for sharing :)

Asian Traveler said...

I'm a "meat" person but looking at the awesome photos make me wants to try these vegetarian dishes. Oh, and I love the decors, very unique.

ai wei said...

Keats the sunshine girl,
you are welcome. hope you like my blog and also this restaurant. let's share your experience after you visit to this place


asian traveller,
i like their decor too. very unique one

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