Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Oh My God!

There are the only words I can say. I gained kilos in just a week! What happened to me?!

I know I deserved it. You know what?! Since I have nothing to do after the examination last month, I only know how to eat and sleep at home. All the time, I am actually doing nothing.

Well, actually, I did something today. At least today I woke up at 8.40am (and usually I only wake up by 11am), took a bath and had a quick breakfast (bread, tea and kuih). Then I drove to my college to settle out the form of completion course. It took us quite some times to settle the form. Firstly, it was because my friend was late to college, had to wait for her then the 4 of us only went to get signature from the person in charge of each departments. Secondly, the entire people in charge of each department were busy. Anyway, everything was gone well.

After that, me and khee (a friend of mine) went leisure mall together. It was because we both have nothing to do. We stood in the book store for a long time, looked at books and flipped through the magazines. Stood there until our stomachs started grumbling, then we walked to Mong Kok restaurant. Once I sat down, I opened up the menu and ticked down the dishes I wanted. I ordered a bowl of wan tan mee soup and my fave ---- a hot cup of almond tea. Finally, I had the chance to taste it. While my friend ordered a cold ‘ying yong’ and a Hong Kong’s style pork burger. She kept on telling me story and never really ate her meal. At the end, I tried to finish up for her. Then we ordered waffles with ice cream topping as dessert. Well, I ate quite a lot too. At about 4pm, we went to secret recipe and ate yogurt cheese cake. Yum-Yum. This was the first time I ate yogurt cheese. It was very delicious and tasty. I don’t really know how to describe it. The cheese and yogurt melted in my mouth. Wow! Delicious!

Haha. I am going to try more cakes from the secret recipe! Americano, apple slice cheese, baked cheese, classic cheese… And my next target is going to be raspberry cheese cake. Raspberry cheese cake, wait for me!

See, everyday and every of my posts are about food and eating. I think, I am living just to eat. Yummy~

P.S: Khee, actually the truth is that, you never ate much today. This was because u kept on talking until I finish up your plate too.

This was the first time I ate so many things (contain lots of sugar and fats) in a day.

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