Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A passage

Yesterday night I found out something
This afternoon I read a passage posted in my friend’s blog
The feeling of sadness drives out from my heart
I couldn’t help myself
When I was reading her post,
Pearls of tears were crammed full in my eyes
I was touched by her passage

Story of a couple,
From the beginning until the end
A long story
A sad story
A touched story

The relationship between the couple has been drawn with a huge full stop
The girl told me she was sad
But there is nothing else she could do

I tried to IM the girl
I tried to SMS the girl
I tried to talk to the girl
I tried to do anything which can comfort her

I’m truly understand her feeling
Sad and hurt down deep into the heart
I know she is strong
I know she is tough
I believe that she can stand up soon
And continue to walk in her journey
And continue to walk in her life

Hope my comforts work well on the girl
Believe in yourself
You’ll manage to get through all these

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