Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sweet Lunch @ Delicious Cafe

This was gal-day-out with Ting Fang, one of my best-ie. She stayed quite near to my house and the distance traveled to her house takes only 10 minutes by car. But… I have yet seen her for more than 6 months. How can that be?! She can really ‘abandon’ me when she is busy with her uni life. Soobz…

Anyway, she is now holidaying. But my classes have resumed. Sigh… my holiday end so fast. I haven’t even enjoyed it and another semester started. War is beginning!!! I meant war with books and battles with hectic time table (practical and lectures). Anyhow, I will try sparing more time for friends.

Soon, we hung out in One U last Thursday. Christmas is soon arrived and there is heavy Christmas atmosphere in every corner. This adorable toy soldier had my attention. One U is decorated with a very special theme, toy soldier (toy-story-liked) instead of those tall huge big normal Christmas tree.

Time for lunch. When we passed by Delicious, we were ‘magnet-ed’ to the heart alluring dessert chiller with gorgeous looking dessert displayed. The place was almost full house at 12pm. Well, that was still early for lunch.

We were lucky to be seated at table 108 (a nice number).

I had decided what to order by time I was at the dessert chiller. I had this Blackberry Apple Crumble (priced at Rm 9.90) served with a vast scoop of vanilla ice cream. I think I can rank this as quite a healthy dessert as the crumble part was made from oats. I wasn’t a big fan of vanilla ice cream but the cold ice cream went just right with the harden crumble and the warm inner part which consisted numerous blackberry and apple. So, cold + warm = balance. (oopps, hot and cold at the same time was not too good for teeth).

As for Ting Fang, she ordered herself the Strawberry Cheese Cake (priced at Rm 10.90) with strawberry sauce. This was her kind of cheese cake as it was dense and creamy. However, the strawberry sauce was too sweet for her liking.

Actually we were very full with just both desserts as our lunch but my lovely friend wanted to order as we saw our neighbor had the very huge bowl of potato wedges. So, we had this very large bowl of Potato Wedges with Sour Cream (priced at just Rm 9.90). Of course we couldn’t finish it and we ‘ta-bao-ed’ it lor.

Here is my lovely friend’s creation. She used the very sweet left over strawberry sauce to draw out a heart shape.

Another day ended so soon. We joked a lot and exchanged the past 6 month’s happenings. Honestly, I prefer this delicious café than the one in Bangsar Village 2. the space in between each table is quite small and can over heard the conversation of next table, but the lighting and environment here is much better and comfy than BV2.

Delicious Café
Lot G316, Grd Floor,
1 Utama Phase 2,
Bandar Utama.
Tel: 03-77241086


Sugar Bean said...

Aiks, should have gone out with you guys. I haven't met Fang for a long time too, but not as long as half a year I think.

Haha, the love shape thingy that Fang did was really cute! Wish to hang out with you guys soon!!

Btw, the Christmas decoration is so lovely!

ai wei said...

yeah! i love 1 U's christmas deco too. you both ffk me for coming afternoon lunch ar. aiks aiks. do hope we can have something on next week or after christmas?!

wish to hang out with you too!

do enjoy ur holiday and very merry christmas!~

yammylicious said...

Blackberry Apple Crumble ... don eat alone ya! will fat 1.. pity u we share share hv half kies? ^^

MeiyeN said...

just like you, i prefer 1u's delicious cafe than da one at bangsar village ii!!!! ;)

Big Boys Oven said...

true, true prefer 1U's than bangsar.... i feel more relax 1U.

~Christine~Leng said...

I want your blackberry apple crumble! so decent looking!! very cute ;P

we should try out their mains there next time okie? ;)

Anonymous said...

ahh luv da decoration at 1 U laa..i wanna hang out there this week la xD

Blackberry Apple Crumble...dats oats huh..nvr tried it with ice cream =/

Merry merry Christmas !!~

da most handsum guy alive x)

ekeng said...

i love the toy soldier..it's so cute..i took many picture at 1U especially Mr.Toy Soldier..The Apple Crumble with Ice cream look very very delicious wor...Aiyoo,i miss tiramisu at Delicious Cafe..

Precious Pea said...

Hahaha...somehow, am like you too. I prefer the Delicious in 1Utama than Bangsar Village outlet. Dunno why, just find it the overall environment (service, food, diners) better.

ling239 said...

the mango cheese cake there is not bad leh ~ ^_^

teckiee said...

hm...i should go there soon. haven really try out their main course yet. only been there for desserts

Sharon Y. said...

I'm going after the blackberry apple crumble! And maybe the strawberry cheesecake too. And perhaps just a piece from that pile of crispy looking wedges? Everything looks so gooood...

Jackson said...

ooo!! The dessert is calling my name babe!

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