Monday, November 23, 2009

ShenZhen09 Day 5: 东门 Street Food + 静颐茶馆

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Dong Men 东门 is a fashion hub. There are rows of shops selling fashionable and stylish clothes, apparels, shoes; huge department stores and a wholesale market. In the wholesale market, you can find stuff with the price ranging from very very cheap, very cheap, cheap, moderately cheap, reasonable, slightly expensive… of course, in the wholesale market, you will have to clear your throat and louder up your voice to bargain!

Sis and I had nothing to do on the Day 5 of my trip. She brought me here for a small shopping and to try out their street food. I always love street food. To get to Dong Men, take the subway to Lao Jie 老街 and kindly follow the sign : Dong Men 东门.

So, what are foods on the Street Food List?!


TakoYaki :)


烤羊肉串 the soft and tender lamb stick sprinkled with the fragrant mixed chilli powder. (this is the fried and grilled version instead of grilled alone)


Fish balls




And people’s fave : 重庆酸辣粉 hot and spicy noodles.


The people just love this. I noticed, everyone was having a bowl of noodles in their hand. Some even stood by the roadside and slurping the noodles. The QQ texture noodles were covered with thick chilies oil. You can opt for different level of spiciness. The QQ noodles are good but I don’t really like the thick layer of chilies oil.


As for dinner, we took about half an hour walk to this vegetarian restaurant 静颐茶馆. Here, is a place for you to sit down and relax; a place for sipping aromatic Chinese Tea; and also a place to enjoy the vegetarian cuisine.

I heart this place a lot. The ingredients they used are so unlike the vegetarian food in Malaysia. They use mostly fresh Vege, different kind of mushroom to create the mouth watering dishes


The aromatic Gua-Zi 茶瓜子, pre-stir-fried with Tea Leaves.


松仁南瓜蓉 pumpkin soup with pine nuts. The thick and yummy-licious one.


Some kind of mushroom stir fried with celery, carrots and capsicum.




Light but fresh


And my favourite 芝士番薯 baked sweet potatoes with cheese. Huulala Huuuulalala. The sweet potatoes were sweet, fragrant and irresistible. How nice if I could have this now.

Photos are not allowed in this vegetarian restaurant. The décors around this dining area fulfill the ‘Zen’ style. We spoke to the manager before photo taking and she allowed me to snap on food only.


xin said...

the lamb stick looks really tasty with all the spices!

Wilson Ng said...

sweet potato wif cheese, that's new!

iamthewitch said...

wah so much food! I'm interested in the lamb stick. Hehe

J2Kfm said...

those lamb skewers should be a great replacement for the average satay, or kebab, or even taiwanese sausages.

Simon Seow said...

I wonder if there's dog meat lol

Chris said...


Unknown said...

bkk nicer or shenzhen better? for shopping :D

Unknown said...

fashion hub! manage to shop any from there? yalo..BKK or shenzen? ;P

ai wei said...

xin & witch,
the lamb stick/skewer is a must to try! they are very very yummy.

ya, i dun think we find something like this here in Malaysia hor???

yaya, 10 times more yummer than satay here... oooh, i miss it a lot!!!

simon seow,
they dun have dog meat in summer or replace lamb with dog meat. they have dog meat in winter. i tried once before... oppsss. hehe, super yummy de

ai wei said...

哈咯哈咯,还好的。你呢???也是好久没update blog 了哦

dear weizhi, i have not try BKK shopping le. after my trip i will let you know, kkk???

hmmm, i have not been to bkk before, dunno how to comment at this moment. let me try out bkk first ya :)

Kelvin said...

I like the hot and spicy noodles best^^

squall said...

dun no when i just can have long holiday and fly to china...

choi yen said...

the lamb skewer look juicy & yummy.... drooling now :(

tracieMoo said...

The pumpkin soup and fried tofu looks so tempting! So much fooooood~

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