Friday, November 06, 2009

MOF @ Pavilion KL

Matcha AzukiMatcha MatchaMatchaAzukiAzukiMatcha AzukiMatchaAzukiMatchaMatchaAzukiAzuki

I love Matcha
And I love Azuki
If ever they can combine together
To be the perfect match?!


Yep, I found this at MOF の Japanese Sweets at Pavilion KL.
It was few months ago while I had a short shopping with theSugar. We took our seats here after the ‘walkout’ and opted this from the Zenzai section.




Matcha Zen 抹茶ぜん– RM 13.50
Look, the scoop of Green Tea Low Fat Gelato Ice Cream swam in the middle of Hokkaido Red Bean Paste with few of her best friends – the Japanese Dumpling. The Hokkaido Red Bean Paste is made from premium air flown Hokkaido Red Bean.


Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream is bittery in taste while the Azuki Red Bean Paste is slightly sweeter than we thought. Once you have both of them together, it turns out to be the perfect combination. The sweetness of Azuki brings out the fragrant green tea from the Ice Cream. And the Azuki is no longer that sweet. Moreover, the Ice Cream is low in fat! I don’t mind having a few more scoops.


xin said...

i love matcha ice cream too! can i just have the ice cream without the red bean? :P

Wilson Ng said...

Loved this place, been there twice. The red bean was really sweet and nice

Big Boys Oven said...

evry nice selection of desserts!

kampungboycitygal said...

but i dun like that place. alwiz smell so greasy lol

ai wei said...

ya... no prob, there is wide range of selection on ice cream!!!

:) love it too! i must return for more :)

love desserts!!!

ai wei said...

got meh??? 
you meant those smell from next door? :P
i do love their dessets. dun care bout the place first

iamthewitch said...

Wow looks really good! I'm craving for green tea ice-cream now. :P

~Christine~Leng said...

i wanna try this place!!! love desserts too, esp when it comes to green tea and red bean ;)

Selba said...

Love matcha!!! everything with macha.. :)

Sugar Bean said...

really enjoyed the desserts here. there're many other things which i wish to try out too. can't wait to have more! yum! =)

choi yen said...

I wonder how u eat this dessert? Mix all together then gobble down or 1 scoop of ice cream 1 scoop of azuki? :P

ai wei said...

the green tea is very good if you like the bittery but fragrant taste of green tea :)

bila mau pergi??? hehehe, i have yet to try the goma. wanted to try that but think of it, i think it wont be that photogenic on the red bean paste. that's why choose to have green tea instead

me too me too me too! :P

sugar bean,
we should return for more. waiting for you guys to come back to KL le... miss you guys a lot!!!

hahaha, interesting question. atually i had a little scoop of green tea and mix with little bit of azuki. cannot stir them all together becz it will be super weird and watery lar :)

cariso said...

I agree with you on its perfect combination.

ling239 said...

i love red beans too!! ^o^

Rebecca Saw said...

Very good quality azuki beans used here. I find it a bit sweet but it could be that I ordered a diff dish so the combination wasnt as balanced.

ai wei said...

wheeee ^V^

me too me too!

which one did you order??? haha, mayb i can avoid that on my next visit :)

squall said...

i love macha...

Shell (貝殼) said...

Desserts are pretty good taste but a bit pricey

Art and Appetite said...

I've always wanted to get a hold of matcha but it is so expensive in here.

I wish I had the chance to got there.

Taufulou said...

i have been to this place once when it every first open..never really like it but alot of feedback was good after that..

so might give it a try again~

Malaysia Asia said...

MOF looks really nice. Next time around, I will sure to visit. Thank you for the review.

Malaysia Asia

Simon Seow said...

I like Matcha and Azuki too.

ai wei said...

me too me too

yeah, i do agree it's a little pricey but the desserts taste great

art and appetite,
i am sure there are chances to enjoy good but cheap matcha :)
pay a visit to MOF if you are here in KL

i think they the desserts are quite good. maybe you dislike sugary sweet stuff? taste, food and desserts are very subjective :)

david Jr,
you are welcome and let me know what do you think bout MOF after you try out their desserts :)

simon seow,
me too me too

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