Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EC Foodie Restaurant e 食无忧 @ Taman Segar


There are a lot of eateries near my housing area. Sometimes, I don’t even have the opportunity to try them out and … *poof* the old one closed down and another new restaurant sets up and opens up for business.


EC Foodie Restaurant, e 食无忧 located just next to Maxis Centre at Taman Segar is considered as a newly opened restaurant; replacing an old HK style Char Chan Teng.

One night, I had a chance to drop by for supper with theSugar and Tingie.


If not mistaken, this is balley with milk 薏米撞奶. It has an interesting name, but lack of milky taste.


Sugar’s Passion Fruit Juice was a little oversweet.


My Honeydew Milk was a rich one and we love it.

What’s on our supper???


2 bowls of la mien (I forgot the name), we ordered.


The noodles were good, slightly spicy and abundant with minced meat and mushrooms


Fried turnip cake in XO sauce, XO 酱炒萝卜糕 was pretty good. However, we still miss the one from Canton-i.


Their Shanghai Xiu Loong Bao 上海小笼包 was a surprise to us. The taste of XLBs mimics the one from Dragon-i and priced slightly cheaper too. We love this. And due to their opening special in last September, 3 of us get to enjoy a basket of XLB at RM 0.10


Don’t forget to top ginger and vinegar to the XLB before eating :)


The egg tarts were yummy too. The only complaint -... they are too small.


~Christine~Leng said...

WHAT? xlb for 10 cents only? really ah!
dear.. i wanna try the la mien. love spicy stuffs.. Is it spicy? hehe

ciki said...

Xiao long bao.. my fav!

oh yar, i forgot, pls cld u kindly update our link to (ignore if you already have) Thx so much:)

xin said...

wah supper??? O_O how do u stay slim ar? :P

kampungboycitygal said...

the xlb is so cheap?? i want dear!!

iamthewitch said...

Ohh I LOVE egg tarts!

Precious Pea said...

The La Mien's soup looks hot and spicy!!! Yumz..i miss those radish cake with XO sauce, my favourite order whenever i spot it in the menu.

Anonymous said...

i am drooled seeing the la mien!!! i love their promotion to attract customer...10cents for xlb...good move!!!

choi yen said...

RM 0.10 per basket, u guys must eat more mah...hehe ^,^

Little Inbox said...

la mien looks nice...

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I hope I can try this out soon, all look delicious.

Rebecca Saw said...

not bad huh the food..somemore prices are better thn those hyped & big players like canton-i

ai wei said...

ya ooo, 10cents for XLB but 3 person only can enjoy only 1basket.
that la mien is quite nice :)

i have updated :)
very very nice dot com you have :D

it's only once a while supper dear :)

that promotion over d oooo

me too :)

ai wei said...

precious pea,
miss them a lot??? faster come back to KL and makan makan :P

simple girl,
ya lorrr, a good try to attract customers :)

i wish to order more but we can enjoy only 1basket XLB on this promotion.

la mien,
that la mien is quite nice


ya wor... i find canton-i is quite expensive ><

Taufulou said...

har ...Rm0.1?that's cheap lie~

J2Kfm said...

yeah, canton i and dragon i whip up a mean XO sauce lor bak kou.
pricey, but oh so droolsome.

Ken Wooi said...

wow.. nice food!
makes me wanna eattt =P

Selba said...

Looks so yummy especially the La Mien :)

Meng Keat said...

radish with XO...mmm veli interesting. bring me next time.

daphne said...

Wah.... Tht's the lovely thing about KL- I miss all these eateries! It's sooo tempting. I want toe XLB, the egg tarts..the drinks..the la mieN!

squall said...

so cheap~~~r the promotion still available???

Simon Seow said...

What!? Last September? Only now you tell the promo? T_T

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