Thursday, November 26, 2009

Munakata Unlimited Ala Carte Japanese Buffet @ Jalan Sultan Ismail


The bunch of us who love to eat, were tempted after reading Vkeong’s post on Munakata Unlimited Ala Carte Japanese Buffet. We decided a visit and made reservation. Glad that they placed us into a small cozy private room where we could relax and chit chat and laugh out loud inside. :P


Munakata Japanese buffet is the authentic Japanese food, which means they serve purely Japanese food on their buffet menu. The buffet is priced at RM 60 + 10% service charge for adult and Rm 45 + 10% service charge for children.

The steal


Salsom Sashimi – the one and only sashimi from the buffet menu. The sashimi was thick and fresh. This is definitely a great steal! And we had 27 servings (1 serving = 3 pieces) of sashimi alone. Yummm…

The yummy


Unagi Kabayaki – juicy fat grilled Unagi in their special sweet saya sauce


Gyu Saikoro Steak was tender and juicy. I can only drool over this


Sake Teriyaki – grilled salmon coated with sweet soya sauce


Kaki Furai – deep fried juicy Oysters.


Yakitori – barbecued skewered chicken


Enoki no Butter Yaki – the Enoki sautéed with butter = aromatic


Shira Ebi Karaage – deep fried Japanese Glass Shrimp. Gimme a glass of beer!~


Tori Tsukune Yaki – chicken meatballs


Soft Shell Crab tempura – deep fried battered soft shell crab


Hotate Butter Yaki – grilled fresh scallops with butter but they were over salty

The So-So


Umagi Tamago is the grilled eel wrapped in cooked egg. This is ok for me as I like sweetened tamago.


Tempura Moriawase – the batter was tooooooo thick and very oily. Batter was not that good but the prawns and veges were fresh


Nigiri Sushi (Salmon). The vinegar-ed rice was dry and not vinegar-ed enough but I love the salmon slices alone.


Furai Ika Ring – deep fried Squid Rings. The batter was thick and the squid rings were too chewy and rubbery.


Wakame Salad. This was okay for me but lack of dressing




Shishamo – Grilled Smelt Fish

The No-No…


Saba Shioyaki (grilled mackerel with salt) was made hard and dry. Age Shu Mai did not taste good too. As for the Ankake Age Dofu (deep fried bean curd with thick starchy sauce), it was unlike the age dofu we used to have from Rakuzen. Tori No Karagee (deep fried chicken) did not taste good. Finally, the desserts – matcha ice cream with Azuki red bean. @@ I nearly fainted after having a scoop. I have never tasted such a bad and as creamy as whipping cream matcha ice cream before. Thanks to citygal for help to finish that scoop of ice cream and washed down with lots of green tea.


Verdict: it is still a steal to have unlimited orders of fresh thick salmon sashimi with RM 60 ++. :)

Munakata Japanese Restaurant
Mezzanine Floor, Life Centre,
No. 20, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21667441
Fax: 03-21667825

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Anonymous said...

indeed a value for money deal!!!! salmon pieces look super fresh!!!

iamthewitch said...

Wow! So much food you had! And the salmon really looks so FRESH!

foodbin said...

you guys really can eat!!!

~Christine~Leng said...

luckily we ate lotsa lotsa salmon... hehe. Boo to the 'non-good-ones'. and the green tea ice cream!! yeee.....

ai wei said...

the salmon is great and super fresh, fat and juicy.

the salmon is super fresh and it is a must to order. just order as much as u can eat :)

hahaha... will u think we are the DBKL :P

ya lor ya lorrrr
nono for the ICE Cream arrr... yiiiksss... very geli one. really have to thank weizhi for finishing that. kekeke

ck lam said...

That's a lot of food on the table.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

At least there were quite a number of good dishes. Kaki furai....I haven't had that in ages!!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

sometime too much of foods, the end can't remember what the taste..anyway, the price look good.

choi yen said...

i nearly 1 2 go there....seem like umaiya or rakuzen are better than this~~

cariso said...

27 serving!Already Worth the money you paid for the buffet! :)

ai wei said...

ck lam,
hehehe, we ordered quite a lot @@

bangsar babe,
yep, the salmon and a few saved the buffer :) kaki furai was quite nice

for RM 60+ we can get all these consider quite reasonable. miss the salmon soooo muchie now!

i have not tried umaiya before. hmmm, i do prefer rakuzen for more variety :)

hehe, it is very worthy! very very 'dai'!

ladyironchef said...

where are u going to bring me when i come to KL in dec? HAHA

Simon Seow said...

It's been a while now that I didn't go Japanese buffet. Last I went is Jogoya in Feb.

Ciki said...

shishamo! can eat like half a dozen w/o feeling anything.. yum!

Jean said...

I went to dis one too~ Quite love their food but not the sushi. I ordered lots of salmon sashimi when I went.
First time here~ nice blog u have!^^

ai wei said...

hehehe, when are you coming in dec???

simon seow,
spare some times for a go to jap buffet??? :)
to satisfy the crave

hehehe, and it goes best with beer too! :P

hi, thanks for dropping by, i read the post of urs in ur blog too.
salmon sashimi is the steal!!! we ordered a lot too :)

xin said...

so dai lah!!! eating the sashimi alone is already money back

『I'M coco』★ said...

there is only 1 type of sushi?

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