Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ShenZhen09 Day 4 Dinner: 正一味 @ Coco Park

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Dinner time!!! It’s a Korean meal this round. I know it is weird to have Korean food in China. But sis insisted what to do?!

We chose a Korean Restaurant which is located in a complex called Coco Park (if you are taking Metro, just stop by at 购物公园站 Gou-Wu-Gong-Yuan Station). This is quite a new complex with lots of young fashion namely Esprite, Only, Arnold Parmer, Nike, Adidas and many more; and a huge Jusco Supermarket; and a grand and classy Cinema theatre called Broadway Cinema 百老汇电影院.

We had our dinner earlier so that Sis and I were on time for a movie, Wolverine. Movie in this Broadway cinema is quite expensive, priced at RMB 80 per seat per person (about RM 40+ - normal seat). Expensive, right?! But the seats, the sounds system, the screen… everything are perfect :)

Back to this Korean Restaurant, 正一味 was crowded once dusk arrived.

The Kimchi soup appeared in a super large and generous portion. It was indeed appetizing and tasted sourish. The soup was loaded with kimchi and tofu. It was served in the real hig stone bowl to keep the soup warm throughout your dinner.

We shared the Bibimbap. It came with a variety of vegetables, meat and the Korean chili paste.

Mix well to create the perfect taste. Yum. It tasted just like the bibimbap I tried before in those Korean restaurants in KL.

I find that the people in China can really eat. Most of the tables were full with rice and vegetables. I’d noticed, even a table for 2 (a couple), they could actually have a kimchi soup and 2 bibimbap (one each). They can really eat! Besides, the food here is seriously cheap and extremely large in portion. For Kimchi Soup, Bibimbap and 2 cups of Tea were only less than RMB 45.


Movie after dinner. Yay ^^


iamthewitch said...

Wow the kimchi soup looks hot! Hehe.. and pretty generous amount too. China food is relatively cheaper compared to KL, I think. Same case with me when I was in Beijing.

Ciki said...

korean food rocks! my fav is the kimchi with the galbi! LOL

~Christine~Leng said...

what movie u watched after dinner dear? nice pose with the panda. hehe.

Looking for more korean food with you. soon!

Anonymous said...

wow RM80 for watching movie,,,,i dont think I will go for it...but Korean food looks yummy

ai wei said...

yaya... food in china rocks!

yay! i love korean food too! love kimchi, it's really healthy

oh... the Xmen i watched. very 'gan cheong' with the perfect sound system.
hehe, can't wait to have korean food with you guys

sorry dear, sorry. my mistake, the movie ticket is RMB 80 = RM 40++ for normal seats. :)

Taufulou said...

miss that place loh~

Little Inbox said...

Kimchi soup make me drooling especially it's lunch time soon...

ai wei said...

you have been to this place before?

litte inbox,
ya o, i feel like having a hot piping kimchi soup now. especially in this cool weather lately

xin said...

i love korean food!!! :D cant wait for my korea trip next year to get some dosage

ai wei said...

you are going to korea next year??? that must be really fun. when is ur trip?

email2me said...

After such a heavy meal I sure doze off in the cinema. lol

Kenny Mah said...

The Kimchi soup looks really hearty... I can imagine filling up on that and getting all warmed up on a winter day... :)

choi yen said...

have too much hot food? Saw u grow some pimples ler... :P

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I have not been to China yet, must plan a trip there soon, my 1st choice will be Beijing. The price for the meail is really cheap..

Simon Seow said...

Censored? lol

ai wei said...

:) won't be, the cinema is freezing cold... can't fall asleep too

kenny mah,
yep, a bowl of hot piping soup is best on winter.

ermmm, those pimples are precipitated since april due to extremely stress on exam and assignments @@

simon seow,
hehehe, sis dun wanna show her face up on the blogsphere :)

Sky.Live said...

The portion is half of what in Brisbane, except triple the price too lol

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