Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Caramelized Almond Crisp?!

I guess that’s the name for this? Mum and I were searching for almond crisp recipe for quite a long time. We love almond crisp a lot and we could only have it during Chinese New Year. Weird… almond crisp only on sale during CNY and the price is always a boom. My aunt who fancies this keeps bugging us to find out the recipe and make some for her.

So one day while mum and I were shopping in the cake ingredient shop, we saw the packets of icy white silky powder on the rack. BIENETTA (it stated in German). 200 g of bienetta + 300g of almond slice, line thin and bake. Looks simple. Hmmm, maybe that’s the almond crisp we were looking for?!

The end products~

Well, it was more like the Caramelized almond crisp than the almond crisps its own. Slightly sweet and crunchy, I like it. However, the bienetta (powder) is quite costly. Gonna take more efforts to find out the real recipe for almond crisp! ~

By the way, anyone knows what’s Bienetta?


Unknown said...

whoa look delicious!! maybe u can ask the pro like sunny from bbo hehe

~Christine~Leng said...

delicious looking! any extras you've made?? Bring me some tomorrow! haha... Ok?

ling239 said...

sounds very simple and easy to make...

New Kid on the Blog said...

hey, can make a boom in CNY wor!!!! good idea leh???

Sugar Bean said...

wow, u're baking again!! keke! when are u going to treat me those ar? haha! just kidding! anyway, keep up the good work, next time bake for ur hubby ya!! keke!!

ai wei said...

they were sweet and crunchy. ya also, maybe i should ask those expert for tips. hehehe.

nice to hang out with u guys before khee going to india again. hehe!~ how is my 'products' today???

it's very simple. maybe you can have a try?!

new kid on the blog,
good idea e! can earn a little during CNY. hmmm, maybe u can try out also?! =)

wenching & esiong,
hehehe, wait til i found the real recipe for the almond crisp. if success, will bake some for you. happy?! haha. you are the one who should learn to cook n bake for hubby. mine far far far far away in da future~

christine too! i want your 'wo tip'!!! :p

Anonymous said...

Which cake ingredient shop did you buy the bienneta mix from?

ai wei said...

hi, thanks for dropping by!
i got this from the cake ingredient shop in Tmn Segar, Cheras.

do let me know if you need extra information to the place ^^

Simonne said...

Wanna ask is it easy to make ? Can share the instruction ?


ai wei said...

hi, thanks for dropping by.
it's very easy to make this almond crisp.

first, mix 200g of the pre-mixed bienetta powder with 300g of thin-ed almonds. juz mix and then scoop a spoonful of it onto the silicon paper n send to the oven. bake at 150 degree for 10-12 mins or until golden brown.

it's very easy to make!

Simonne said...

Thanks ai wei! I bought and bake them on Monday. Now left only 1 container..
Everyone's fav!

ai wei said...

great! you have them made??? they are very churchy right?! *claps claps*

not enought?! just bake more. sad case in my house, mum has sealed the container tight tight and locked them up in the cupboard.

Simonne said...

ai wei, ya i'm thinking to make more even after CNY. The tricks of making this cookies is to lay the powder as thin as possible...
But this powder is $$$ leh. I wonder anyone has the similar recipe, can share hehe..

ai wei said...

hi, sukkimi,
hmmm, you lay them thin before sending to the oven? i put them like a small mountain before sending them into oven and let them melth naturally in the oven. but i guess ur way is ok too.

ya, the powder is quite costly.
i'd found a recipe on almond crisp (not in caramel type). but I have not try them out. wait til i try them during free time then only post up?!

Anonymous said...

Basic mixture for florentines, fine pastry and bee-sting cakes. Bienetta:
High quality raw material is the base for any gorgeous pastry! Dreidoppel baking ingredients are the base for a lot of irresistible pastry ideas.

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, vegetable fat, dextrose, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin

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