Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blackberry green tea frappucino blended @ Starbucks

With the caption “Rediscover the love of green tea with a modern twist”, Starbucks is introducing new drinks again --- Blackberry green tea frappucino blended cream and green tea latte. (erm, are they new? I am not really sure since written –‘rediscovering’). But I was attracted by the eye-catchy poster and huge word ‘Green tea’ printed on it.

So, why not give it a try on their new drink?!

While Yum cha-ing with my 2 sistas on last Friday, I had myself a Blackberry green tea frappucino blended without cream. First sip, hmmm… weird… second sip, hmmm… okay. Third and so on… acceptable lar~

However, I didn’t really fancy the combination of blackberry with green tea. The candy-like-flavour concentrated blackberry syrup covered the green tea taste. Erm, what else can I say --- still acceptable.

One of my sistas had the classic mocha blended with cream while the other had just green tea. Hanging out in Starbucks is really costly, but I managed to get one of the sistas paying for my drink. *wink*


Sugar Bean said...

Haha, I always know that you like green tea drinks a lot. I would have tried that out too! But since you said that it wasn't that good, I wouldn't give it a try then.

ling239 said...

blackberry with greentea o_O
wat a combination....

myCoffee said...

What a coincidence! I was at Starbucks earlier and was tempted to try this but was a bit skeptical because of the weird combination. From your review, luckily I didn't.

~Christine~Leng said...

hor... didn't date me la.. Hmmph!
green tea and blackberry?? Kinda weird.. Just green tea for me will do! ;P going out with khee on Friday again?

MeiyeN said...

i used to love their green tea frappucino a lot but somehow some starbucks outlets disappointed me with their poor blend of drinks and i hate it, seriously! then again, your review on blackberry green tea tempted me to go try it.. maybe one day, soon! :)

ai wei said...

wenching & esiong,
yep, i love green tea as much as you do. but this new combination of drink from starbucks is not a good one. maybe u can try. jz... not so worth it?!

ling239, mycoffee,

this is weird combination. thats what i can say. dun try dun try ar... taste weirrrd

hi dear, that friday i had a morning breakfast with khee at McD. nice one, but miss the 'meeting' like old days.

is their green tea frappucino nice one??? i have never tried before. maybe eyou can try out their blackberry green tea and then let me know how do you feel bout that?! keke. jz that this blackberry green tea is not my liking.

Precious Pea said...

Wat a coincidence! I tried the blackberry green tea last Friday and I love it!

ai wei said...

precious pea,
glad to hear that you like it. maybe i cannot 'tahan' the strong candy-like flavour.

Unknown said...

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ai wei said...

green tea,
thanks for dropping me a comment :)
hope this is useful to you :)

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