Sunday, September 02, 2007

A visit to Ulu Yam (I)

Some were heading back to hometown while some were rushing down to the heart of KL on the eve of Merdeka night. However, a KL gal like me, mostly would have thought that I will be celebrating the eve night with whole bunch of friends and counting down together with the crowd, or maybe watching the well-presented fireworks in Putrajaya?!

Nope… not these. Instead, I went to my aunt’s hometown with my aunt and her family and spent a night off there. Weird enough huh?! Why am I not going to my parents’ hometown but my aunt’s one?!

Well, when a city girl stepped her foot into a village, everything will seems new and interesting to her. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this was my first time staying in a village, but visiting village in new different places would be another fun and exciting experience!

My aunt’s hometown --- Ulu Yam is about 45 minutes from Cheras. It’s quite a short distance compared to my dad’s one because it will take about 5 hours to reach dad’s hometown. Anyhow, this 45minutes drive seems long to me too! I felt so sleepy when traveled through the no-lamp-posts road. We drove passed a huge lake for water reservoir (I think), sadly, it was already late and I couldn’t have a chance for pictures.

I got a call from a friend after I arrived at the village and he told me that there are lots ‘seh chong she ngai’ (snake insect mouse ant --- in Cantonese) around. Yes indeed, there were lots and I hate mosquito very much!!! After a while, we headed outta for supper. The Tong Lo Wan kopitiam nearby which is highly recommended by my little cousin brother was not opened. Sob-sob, then we chose the kopitiam next door.

We had the ‘si ham’ (which I dunno what it calls in English).

I don’t usually take ‘si ham’ but I gave a try instead. It smelt not good (bit hanyir) but tasted heavenly good! It tasted like the oyster. And it went well with the chili sauce! Yummy~

My uncle sad the kopi-O in that kopitiam is very nice. It’s kinda late and afraid I myself would not able to sleep if I take the caffeine drink; hence, I opt for the ABC ice kacang. The enormous bowl of ABC ice kacang laded with lost of red beans, cincau, peanuts, the pandan agar-agar and syrups. ~cold~ the weather was cold and I still had this cold stuff. ~lagi cold~

As I already had a full dinner, I watched them eating the pan mee.


I woke up quite early the next morning and we drove out to have breakfast. My aunt and I opted to have curry mee while my uncle and his children went for roasted duck and wan ton mee. When I have finished my curry mee and went over to look for my uncle, they have already finished up their plates (so, no pics). I was told that their roasted duck is very delicious and sold out very early. Guess what?! My uncle didn’t get to have the roasted duck as they are all sold out in this early morning (9.30am)! I was also told that a lot of people on their way back from Genting Highland will come over to get their reserved roasted duck. How great their business is?!

Curry mee with kuey teow mee for me

And curry mee with bee hoon for my aunt. This huge bowl of noodles costs only Rm 3 which we couldn’t get in KL. I was stuffed up.

Ewww… didn’t get to try out the roasted duck and the Tong Lo Wan kopitiam. I will come again for that!!!


Big Boys Oven said...

look so simple and yet so authentic

~Christine~Leng said...

good for u gal.. get to "balik kampung" to ur aunt's! I'm not a fan of "si ham" either :) but the curry mee u had looked delicious and a huge portion for RM3 is cheap.. Not easy to get a bowl for RM3 anymore near my place ;( I miss spicy food!!!

Sugar Bean said...

wow, the curry mee looks so delicious, as usual, i really like spicy food. and it's really cheap too!! the ice kacang looks nice too!! keke! glad u have a nice time there!

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