Tuesday, September 04, 2007

legendary noodles at Shang Kee, Ulu Yam (III)

After the noodle-making-process, we went back to uncle’s house and waited for the arrival of my other aunts and uncles and their families. Big family huh?! They will be here for a half day trip and purposely came up to have the noodles ^^ they were shock to see me walked out from the house to greet them. None of them believed me I would have followed and overnight here. Sigh…

When comes to food, we, of course must not leave out their famous noodles. *hehe* we were in Shang Kee Restaurant for Ulu Yam Noodles --- Ulu Yam Loh Min as lunch.

We took a hard time to get our seats as their business went extremely hot. After some times, we finally got to settle down at 3 large tables.

Their Loh Min cooked in a very different style as compared to KL ones.

The first arrived was the Loh Min without vinegar (noodles cooked without additional of vinegar). My friend who called on the other night told me that their Loh Min is simply delicious without additional of vinegar. I would agree with him because this was yummy~ I could savour the natural taste of the noodles.

Next would be the Loh Mee with vinegar (noodles cooked with additional of vinegar). This was much appealing and appetizing with the sourish taste of the vinegar to flavour up the noodles. This was more yummi-able. *hehe*

Springy springy noodles~

The Saito Fish Cake was okay.

But I much prefer the Saito Fu Zok. They were the fried fish paste that wrapped with the Fu Zok. Each with a bite size went well with their chili sauce.

Lastly was the Choy Sam. These were fresh as there were lots of vegetables farm in this area. They can simply have fresh vegetables straight from the farm. I am not sure how much was this plate of Choy Sam. but my aunt bought and paid Rm 3 for a kilogram of Choy Sam that morning after our breakfast. Don’t you think it’s cheap?!

It is meaningless if you come to Ulu Yam without trying out their signature dish, Loh Min (noodles). My uncle told me there is actually plenty delicious food.

Hence, target for my next visit:-
Roasted duck with wan ton mee
Curry fish head which required to reserve first (all will sold out if late)
Tong Lo Wan Kopitiam recommended by little cousin

Restoran Shang Kee
Jalan Besar Bandar Utama,
Batang Kali, Ulu Yam


Big Boys Oven said...

the food so adorable... and so lovely and yet so simple..

Big Boys Oven said...

Changkat Bukit Bintang is near Sungei Wang, KL near Jalan Alor.

~Christine~Leng said...

wa... at last.. the famous ulu yam loh mee! So good.. get to try out the noodle from where it's originated itself! Delicious...! slurp!

Sugar Bean said...

yeah, i heard that loh mein is really well-known in ulu yam, too bad i havent tried that before. anyway, it sure looks nice. wow, feel like having a bite!!!

ai wei said...

big boys oven,
thanks for the direction. i will try to find the way to ole cafe. yet, the noodles are simple, delicious and very authentic

yes, i have had loh mein! fresh and yummy

wenching & esiong,
if there is opportunity, must try out their loh mein. those from ulu yam ones really nice, simple and authentic

Anonymous said...

would be great if you incl the address and contact no.

ai wei said...

hi anonymous,
really sorry about that.

here is the address:
Restoran Shang Kee
Jalan Besar Bandar Utama
Batang Kali
Ulu Yam

but i don't have the tel number

Jimmy Tham said...

me and my friends drove down to ulu yam after a binge drinking night at genting =)

you should go to the old ulu yam village. there, they have 4 different restaurant to choose from. all equally good.

ai wei said...

jimmy tham,
yeahhh, there are a lot of good stuff in ulu yam, will go and try out. old village there ya. noted :)

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