Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a Delicious lunch cum tea

Ah Dred: *beep beep* want lunch?

Me: [look at my watch --- 11am] what time? where?

Ah Dred: later, I need to settle my things. Where? You think.

Each of us have made a long suggestion list but still couldn’t make up our mind. I even read on food blogs and some reviews on newspaper. By time, I was already starving

Me: [12.45pm] what time le? Very hungry lar. If not, I settle the lunch myself.

Ah Dred: wait. You eat something to deng dong first.

Me: eating now, I am having chocolate.

Ah Dred: [1.25pm] coming now.

My eating kaki, Ah Dred has finally appeared himself by 1.45pm in front of my house. I have had half large bar of chocolate in my stomach. He said he wanna explore around Bangsar area, hence, I led him to Bangsar Village 2. Okay, we were there by 2 something and walked the whole complex for him to choose for somewhere to dine.

Ah Dred: okay la, we will have Delicious!

Happy as this was my first time to be in Delicious café. Wow, the place was crowded and quite noisy. Their business is doing well! I took a hard time to decide what to eat as I had half-full-stomach-capacity with me. Then I thought dessert would be nice for me but there were huge variety of selection on the display chiller.


Ah Dred made his order and I was still thinking of which to select. Haih, why so fan le?! Just ask the recommendation from the waiter! Since I was first time into Delicious café’s dessert, the waiter recommended me their chocolate cake which is one of their signatures.

He said their chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream is very special. The cube of chocolate cake is frozen with thick chocolate coat. Before it is served to the customer, the kitchen crew will send the cake into the microwave and it is heated up for about 10-20 seconds, then the chocolate coat is melted!

My chocolate cake was floating in the middle of the pool of chocolate sauce and was added with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. I was in heaven seventh on every spoonful of the warm chocolate cake and cold ice cream. What a great combination it is! The chocolaty cake had the excellent savour. Each spoonful stimulates my receptors on taste buds. Yummy~


Ah Dred had their classic beef lasagna which came with a cup of salad. Sadly, I couldn’t take beef. I could only drool over his plate. Anyway, the salad was very nice. Love the dressing.

Beef lasagna with layers of cheese, minced beef and sauce well-presented. Nevertheless, it must be good.

He also had carrot cake but he finds the cake was okay only. He prefers those compressed carrot cake (much to the fruit-cake-liked carrot cake). I find the cake was okay but it would be better with lots of multigrain and nuts.

He had the vanilla milkshake too

And I ordered myself a watermelon and lychee blast which I found its name sounds good. I should have order something sourish like lime juice because the portion of the cake was enormous. Oh my, I have taken too much calories. How long do I have to work out to use up this energy?! Fine, let’s comfort myself that ‘chocolate is good for health’.

How nice if my others eating kaki(s) (Ah Ho and Y. Meng) were here, I could make myself some forkful on their dishes. Anyhow, I will re-visit to try out more!

Delicious café
GF-1, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village II,
2, Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22871554


Sugar Bean said...

oooo, i'm drooling now. the lasagna sure looks good. but i dont take beef too. how'd the watermelon and lychee blast taste? it should be good right? wow, cant wait to try their food there! cant wait to dine with u soon!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

alot of ppl hav been complaining that quality has dropped ever since they have expanded..well at least some sort of positive feedback here..maybe it is safe to come back here to eat..without getting disappointed

MeiyeN said...

tried this outlet months ago... still prefer da "old" delicious @ 1 utama though.. and seems like marmalade's carrot cakes look much better and tastier..

~Christine~Leng said...

you've tried the choclolate brownie with ice cream!! can't wait to try out marmalade with u.. hehe. I want the beef lasagna!! I'm.. sooo hungry now. Skipped breakfast. bad lar you.. torture me like this! :P

Unknown said...

the chocolate brownie is heaven! best to be shared becoz it can get very jelak

Anonymous said...

wee, you posted so fast haha. lasagna taste very good. Overall i enjoyed there.. kekeke

I think the food there is better then Alexis anytime.. Alexis is kinda overated for me.. At least for the outlet in Great Eastern Mall, not sure for others

Anonymous said...

cannot view your blog too often. really makes me hungry. haha. anyway, wat cam u using to snap those pics?

ai wei said...

wenching & esiong,
i can't take beef either. my fren is very bad. purposely ordered beef that day. the watermelon and lychee blast was not at my expectation. jz marginally passed.
let's find one day and dine in together?! have loads to try out! ^^

thanks for dropping by. the food i tried out so far are still okay. but then i dun really like the noise. i could overheard neighbour's conversation!

i can see from your marmalade's review on carrot cake seems really great! gonna try taht out!~

ai wei said...

how can you skip breakfast?! bad habit ar!
choc cake is a must-try-out dessert in delicious! you had thier sundae before e =)
can't wait to dine in marmalade with u and da rest~

agreed!!! and i was very full after the cakie. their food servings kinda large.

Ah dred,
agree with you too! Alexis's main course so-so only but their desserts are really nice.

hi, thanks for dropping by. i am using Canon Ixus 850 IS. can't live without my camera! haha~

Anonymous said...

Ai Wei... U forgot me liao... >.<

ai wei said...

how will i forget you?! thanks for dropping me msg here! when are you coming back from aus? we eat out together! ^^

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