Friday, September 14, 2007

Rakuzen's Sunday Lunch Buffet

This was our first small-gathering after Khee is back from India for her holiday.

I drove over to Yen’s house for a meet-up and thanks to Chris for driving us to the dining place. Once Khee had herself into the car, she kept telling us that she was very tired, very sleepy, tired to talk to us and wanna sleep for a while. However, all along our journey traveled, she was the one who kept talking Non-Stop. Wasn’t she tired?!

The long awaiting day has yet arrived. 09 September 07 marked a memorable day for us. Believe us, for this gathering, me and Christine have planned it for a month. We have made the reservation 3 weeks ago. We were afraid of cannot-get-ourselves-seats without booking because this place would be crowded since it offers the only lunch buffet (from 12pm to 3pm) on Sunday.

KL Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant

Environment around and the Cutlery

The lunch buffet costs only RM 55++ per pax. We don’t have to walk around to get the food. What you have to do is read and select from the menu and order from the waiter. The waiter will serve you up the food in mini mini dishes right in front of you. Great, I could sit back and enjoy the cosy ambience while waiting for the food.

天ぷら盛合せ assorted Tempura. Like the pumpkin ^.^

茶碗蒸し Chawanmushi, the soft and smooth one

刺身盛合せ assorted sashimi --- there were tuna, salmon, white fish. They were all fresh and juicy.

うなぎ蒲焼 Roasted eel was great with their special sauce.

ソフトシャルクラブ手巻き Soft Shell Crab Handroll

ししゃも Grilled Smelt were delicious. There were whole stomach of roe in the fish.

チキン照り焼 Chicken Teriyaki, the meat was very tender

中華いいだこ Seasoned Baby Octopus, 中華珍味 Seasoned Scallop, and チリイカ Chilli Cuttlefish. We did actually ordered 中華くらげ Seasoned Jelly Fish but it never turned up!

揚げだし豆腐 Tofu Tempura with Sauce, tofu were very soft.

カルフオルニア巻きCalifornia Roll

白身魚 Shiromi, White fish

えびっ子寿司 Ebikko Sushi

中華わかめ Seasoned Seaweed was really appetizing

I am not really sure what this was. I have mixed up every pot. This should be 柳川鍋 Yanagawa Nabe ?!

すき焼き Beef in Sukiyaki-style looked appealing but I couldn’t take it. I tried this once while I was in Japan for Student Exchange Programme years ago. My host mother cooked me a great pan of Sukiyaki with lots of mushrooms (additional with a variety of fungi and vegetables) and beef. Love it~

厚焼き玉子 Japanese Omelette

枝豆 Edamame, Boiled Green Soybean

キムチ鍋 Kimuchi Soup-base Hot Pot with Seafood

サーモン鉄板焼き Salmon Teppanyaki was great too.

ソフトシャルクラブ Soft Shell Crab

抹茶アイス Green Tea Ice Cream. *hehe* I had 2 bowls of this (each bowl contained double scoops).

Overall, I was quite enjoyed the meal with my lovely friends and had wonderful ‘lessons’ from Eldrick (Yen’s darling) and Velix. A little dissatisfactory was that the food turned up rather slow and what I have ordered never turn up. I love Japanese food a lot and this place serves fresh and delicious Jap food.

The Bestest four!

KL Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant
Lot B2A,
92, Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21456200


Sugar Bean said...

wow, it seems like they serve a wide range of japanese food. looks good, gonna try that out 1 day. haha! so much work for the japanese words that u typed!!

so many things that i wanted to try, it's never ending.

ai wei said...

wenching & esiong,
you both should give a try since u love Jap food. it's really worth-for-money. I didn't really have enough on that day. and we din order all the food in the menu.

it took me some times to type out the Jap words. especially the katagana. din really put in efforts on Katagana last time


Jackson said...

4 of u beautiful ladies really eat a lot huh! Next time should ask me along.... i can be the driver! LOL

MeiyeN said...

it's always fun to have friends eating together! glad to hear that you gals enjoyed yourself very much that sunday.. but 3 weeks in advanced to reserve?!!! O_o i remember that when i went for their buffet, i called at 130pm da very same day and they told me seats were available :)

~Christine~Leng said...

I had fun!! Lots of memory from this ;P Nice food, nice environment and with good friends some more!! More more more!! hehe... Must try out other places with u! Ok ya! Nice pictures btw :)

Anonymous said...

This is probably one of the best Japanese restauarants I've seen. We were supposed to visit KL in May, but found the airport too far from the city centre. Maybe we'll drop by next year.

Your Love Coach

Unknown said...

whoa..its good to go with more ppl, can try more food leh :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

a pity that you have to wait..although the food does look better then previous reviews..

ai wei said...

haha, thanks a lot e, got 'driver'!

yep, it was real fun to eat out with friends. must thank you a lot cz u have recommended a real nice dining place for me and my friends! we were afraid of full house, so... make reservation earlier o.

yeah... it's always fun to hang out with you guys. when is our next le?! hehe*

ai wei said...

Thanks for dropping by. you should pay a visit here. their food are fresh and nice. can try on their a la carte, heard that they are great too.

yep yep. more ppl can try on more food. and the atmosphere will be merrier. ^^

ya o, have to wait for the food to turn up and some even not served. haihz

ling239 said...

must try this one of these days ~
tks for sharing ^_^

ai wei said...

thanks for dropping by~
a worth to try in rakuzen. ^^

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