Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy farewell

Farewell, my beloved physiology lecturer ms. Wong. Today is her last day in uni. She will be going to… (erm, I dunno cz I never ask for details *hehe*) A very strict person she is but sweet and nice too.

I was in the kitchen again, baking some crunchy little cookies for her.


Butter, eggs (I want the yolks only), cookies mix, chocolate chips, almonds, pumpkin kernels (both almonds and pumpkin kernels baked before added into the batter), cornflakes.

Bake at 180 °C for 20mins.

*ding-ding* freshly baked crunchy cookies.

And, jar-ed them up in a container.

Thanks for the wonderful lectures, Ms. Wong. To thank her, I must pass all papers in flying coloursss! So, Must strive hard in studies!

P.S. ~ sorry, another short short super short post again. My mind is stuffed with facts and texts from the notes. Aaaahhhh! 3 tests fall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday respectively. *panic*


Sugar Bean said...

Hey, cookies baking again!! I think u're getting more and more pro now! :) I'm sure it tastes really delicious!

Good luck in ur Tuesday test!! Jia you ya!

ps Looking forward for our next outing!! Hunt for food and clothes! :)

Jimmy Tham said...

mahai!! (sorry for being rude. you know me well enough dear ^^). known you for so long, ai wei, can you tell me the exact date (if) I had ever tried your cookies before? apa ini... our friendship is in vain then..

Anonymous said...

Try this at your own risk!
lol just kidding.
Hehe just test only meee

jimmy buat apa kat sini

~Christine~Leng said...

cookies!! Love them... have not tried my dear friend punya homemade!

Good luck in your tests next week! All the best!

Promise I'll bake for you after the exam! my turn then ;P yikes! hope it turn out right!

Anonymous said...

LoL Jimmy.... ai wei u du* dud* du* du* dud* du* =X
Yea nvr ever tried her bakery so sad huh , dun even dare to count how many years we hv been frds and da lecture jst teaches her a few sem =.=' pathetic....
MMmmm u gonna bribe her with ur cookies i guess xD
Anyway gd luck in ur exams.

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow, ... baking in a way to destress!!! Good... no worries, you can do well in your tests....

Big Boys Oven said...

how lovely... guess not you this time but your I know the toughness when exam is at the corner, I am sure you will able to do it well.

ai wei said...

wenching & esiong,
thanks thanks, i will 'jia you' but there are too many to memorize and study. sob~
really looking forward on our next outing!

sob sob, how can you say like that?! eh, i'd belanja you guys with my cookies e, remeber during CNY visit to my house??? there were jars of cookies on the table. you guys 'd had some right???
thanks for dropping me msg n comment ya~

sky2live aka dred,
it's not just test ar... there are marks for the test! whether u can pass in the end depends on these ler.

good luck in your exam too!~
must be having a hard time now cz urs is Final exam! jia you ya
by the way, can't wait to try on ur bakery. you can do it de ^^

alright alright, i will bake for you guys. didnt you try them out in my house during CNY ma??? you and jimmy the same lar. aiks.
and thanks, exam periods are tough days.

new kid on te blog,
thanks, have to work really hard ar and baking can always de-stress. high-5

big boys oven,
thanks thanks. Because of this exam, i am having panda eyes right now. @.@ by the way, can't wait to try on ur recipe posted on your blog *wink*

ling239 said...

wow... you really love your lecturer ah ? exam coming still take the time to bake for her ~ ^_^
all the best to you for the coming exams...

Anonymous said...

Wah homemade cookies ^_^ Anything homemade is always delicious! Got extras? Hehe.

All the best with your tests!

ai wei said...

hehe, thanks. well, baking can de-stress ar ^^

thanks. ermmm... the 'extra' cookies already in my stomach. even the last piece was in brothers' stomach. anyway, i m going to try out more/new recipes.

Unknown said...

good luck for ur exam!! haha the cookies look delicious? can i have some?

ai wei said...

thanks thanks. Phew. tests are over by this morning. can relax a while. hehe.

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