Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another Birthday celebration

Fans of LokLok, here you go, now you may have the chance to eat as much as you can (the eat-all-you-can concept)!

Ooopps… nope, only for those who were invited to Yen’s party. Yay~ because, I was invited!

Nice chandelier. Hmmm… This place looks posh.

Where were we?! It was Yen’s birthday! Hence, it must be in her house.

After meeting up with Christine and leaving her the huge box of present…

---> The food. We must capture pictures on food before everyone starts. *wink*

What a cool idea she had. Paid and catered a LokLok car for her party. My very first time attended a LokLok buffet birthday party and this was a great experience. Another eat-all-you-can dinner for me.

LokLok, can be considered as small type of steamboat where u have to stand beside the vendors and ‘lok’ (boil/cook) your sticks of fresh ingredients. This is another Malaysian (Chinese) culture and we can normally find LokLok vendors in Pasar Malam (night market).

On one side, there were the assorted fish balls, meat balls… you named it.

The organs --- hearts, kidneys…

Kangkung and squid

And… I have no idea what is this.

Kangkung and brown sotong

The cockles which were in bloody red, I dared not to have a taste on them. Tooo bloody red.

On the other side, assorted meat balls, fish balls and some other materials that we can get from frozen section in the supermarket.

They even have siu mai.

Steamy hot boiling water to ‘lok’ your food.


Yen’s caring mum even prepared some main course for us.

Fried bee hoon

Curry chicken which was a bit over spicy.

Yam cake

Thumb up for this. The very puffy Curry puffs which were golden fried to perfection tasted real good.

Cincau which was a good one to quench the thirst. Additional of the ginger and pandan leaves were refreshing.

Me, Christine, Wei Min, and Yen (the birthday girl).

Yen’s birthday cake with rich chocolaty chocolate.

And never forget this lovely couple --- Yen and Eldrick.

Well, this is another back dated post again. Yen’s birthday falls in the mid of September. Sorry gal for posted up this late. The truth, this was a real nice party and I believe u enjoy it very much too. All the best~


Sugar Bean said...

wah, lok lok. first time hearing this idea of ordering a lok lok car for a birthday celebration. anyway, i like lok lok but sometimes felt that it's not hygiene. but if sharing among friends i supposed that's better!

looking forward for our next shopping!! :)

velix said...

haha...the other day i order that lok lok also for my class party...sapu everything clean clean...haha..coz in yen's party only get to eat few sticks..didnt try all...yea..and having this lok lok van coming to ur house is so convenient...and..still consider cheap lo..maybe we should organise another lok lok party..whose bday next?? keke..cwei's bday? hmmm

Precious Pea said...

Aiikks..i was actually planning to get the lok lok van for my housewarming party! Hahaha!

Is that Christine in the photo a food blogger also????

Big Boys Oven said...

wah so pretty food with gorgeous people... precious pea, are you going to park the lol lok van in your dining hall? that will be cool!

MeiyeN said...

wow "look look" as birthday dinner! that's so cool... never tried before but it sounds fun! :D

Anonymous said...

so sad la im not invited to her party orelse im getting her a Alfa GT painted in pink just for her la LMAO =P

Anyway if she see this Happy Belated Burthday gal^^

p/s: 1st see gt siew mai de @.@"

~Christine~Leng said...

it was indeed a "special" celebration! with LokLok! didn't get to try all those! sigh.. we're busy eating and taking pictures! so fun!

ai wei said...

wenching & esiong,
yeah... i dun really fancy LokLok from Pasar Malam because of the 'unhygiene' thought in my mind. but this was better cz only share up among friends.

looking forward our next outing~

really? u had one for class party too? nice one and must be fun & enjoyable. hmm... i tot Leng's bday comes first?!

precious pea,
this is really a good idea. dun have to prepare lots food, dun have to do the clean up, easy and convenient!

and yes, that's Christine from Brought up to Share ^^

big boys oven,
that's a great idea too. haha, make sure the dining hall is huge enough. wondering how they drive in the Van?!

hehe, maybe you can try holding a LokLok birthday dinner too?! convenient and inexpansive. ^^

when i saw the xiu mai, i was shocked cz those from pasar malam dun have xiu mai. eh, where have u been lately??? never call up for Yum cha adi?!

any party for you this year??? hehe, maybe you can come out with something special like hers too! ur birthday is coming soon, very soon!~

New Kid on the Blog said...

hahaha... i hv never thought of this... what a brilliant idea... clean and easy... most important thing, less work... :D

Anonymous said...

Kakaka gotta give it to ur friend, memang a good idea. How much does it cost anyway hiring the loklok van!?

ai wei said...

new kid on the blog,
yeah, usually we have to clean up after any party. as for this, you don't have to do much clean up if hire a LokLok van. have a try~ ^^

great idea isn't it? hehe well, it's not expansive. minimum u have to order for 50ppl. and it costs jz Rm 500 (meaning Rm 10 per person)

ling239 said...

hmm... a very exciting idea for house party ~
did you girls finish all the food ? :p

Anonymous said...

Wah.. this is exciting one. I heard of paying satay man for birthday party but not this. :)

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