Friday, October 12, 2007

My M-A-F Celebration

Before our meal, I hopped into my car and took Yen and Khee with me straight to Christine’s house. We were there earlier to have a bit of gals’ chat.

And yet, I brought along these goodies --- muffins for them which I baked in the morning. I have put in many efforts in them. Luckily they turned out to be good ones. Phew~

Then, here are the goodies that brought back from Macau. Leng’s mum got it. No idea what are they. Are they nice, Leng???

After our dinner in Shabu-Shabu restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong, we went to her house again. Guess what we did?!

---> Lighted up the lanterns.

We were like kids, playing with lanterns and lit up candles all over Leng’s garden. Feeling happy because I didn’t get to play the lantern or having any mid-autumn festival (M-A-F) celebration at home. this was my so-called mooncake festival celebration. No Mooncakes but there were lanterns for me. Anyway, i got to a belated celebration *wink*

The sweetest couple! ~

All lined up form short to tall, left to right. Beep~

Friends forever --- Yen, Khee, Leng and Me. Yen’ll be going to Aus in February while Leng will be going to Scotland in June. As for Khee, she might be back in March or if not then she will be back in September. Gonna miss them a lot!


ling239 said...

all your frens going diff direction and what abt u ? u going some where too ? ^_^

Anonymous said...

How about you? Going somewhere too?

~Christine~Leng said...

aiwei!! I'll miss you! haha.. not so fast gal! we shall hang out more often and do crazy shopping together still! sleep over??

Sugar Bean said...

it's great playing with candles and stuff! always nice to bring back some childhood memory. don't worry bout it, i'm sure ur friends will be come back to kl!! :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

great friends dont come by often.... treasure!!

ai wei said...

ling239 & celine,
erm, i won't be going anywhere. i will just stay in KL to continue my studies.

haihz, u guys gonna 'pitt' me. sob~
yaya, wan more hang out n shopping and also sleep over. hehe. can't wait!

u also the one, leaving to uk soon... haihzzz

new kid on the blog,
true, must appreciate and tressure the time with them and also the friendship!


ling239 said...

with the advancement of technologies i guess there will never be any problems for all of u to stay close and keep in touch always ~ ^_^

ai wei said...

thanks a lot ya.
i believe with the advance of tech, we can all keep in touch no matter how far we are!

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