Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I simply like the name of this snack ---什么丸意儿 (shen3 me4 wan2 yi4 er2). Creative and cute. These are attractive by means of the smallness and cuteness. And begin a frequently groceries shopper in Jusco like me, how would I miss out any new products on shelves and those eye-catching tiny booths set up for ‘free sampling’?!

Remember when the mini Mamee (maggi mee) newly introduced and got heat up years ago?! That snack was a convenient thingy to bring around, can eat it anytime, anywhere. This 什么丸意儿, is even tinier in shape. Just the finger bites size. It is Located on the shelf at non-halal section (around tinned luncheon meat).

Just pop them into your mouth! But do bear in mind with the high content of MSG. so, don’t take too much junk food.


MeiyeN said...

ooo...i bet my sis gonna love this snack, will definitely buy her some! :D

~Christine~Leng said...

cute! I'll visit Jusco right away to get some! hungry ;P
tasted ok right??

ling239 said...

is the spicy one really spicy ?

New Kid on the Blog said...

I salute to the person that created this 'junk' food. :D

ai wei said...

meiyen & christine,
i bought this from Jusco Taman Maluri, not sure other Jusco having this or not. it tastes nice. cute shape and hope you guys wil like it.

it's not really spicy. ^^

new kid on the blog,
it's cute isn't it?! comes from Taiwan. M'sia won't have this kind of "Junk" food. (erm, maybe in future future time...)

Unknown said...

looks nice..im a snack person, contantly snacking when i blog especially

Sugar Bean said...

haha, snacks again! we love them!! dont take too much ya, bad for health! :)

ai wei said...

haha, dun take too much snack. it's not good for health.

wenching & esiong,
yes i will (try not to take too much). haha. you too!!!

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