Friday, July 20, 2007

Sun Ming Restaurant, Taman Connaught (BHP side)

If you like roast duck and roast pork and barbequed pork, here is a must visit place for you. Sun Ming Restaurant. It is located off the Main of Connaught Highway, at the BHP Petrol station side, a few lots next to Domino’s pizza house.

I have stayed in this area for more than 15years and they have been doing business for so long. They used to have a stall in a food court at the corner of the rows. As their business grew hotter, they rent/buy a lot instead. Now, they even take over the shop next door for business.

You may find it is crowded during lunch time. Office workers dress smartly in their office attire. Some even put on the ties under the hot and warm condition. (no idea how can they cope up with it).

Alright, back on food now. Parents went out and da bao us their specialty roast duck, barbequed pork and roast pork as lunch. They serve also boiled soup and yong tau foo (vege or tofu stuffed with fish paste) --- newly added in the menu.
Fragrant rice. As always, roast duck/pork served best with fragrant rice.

*quack quack quack* Roast duck

The barbequed pork, Char siu went well along with the sweet gravy (char siu gravy). It tasted sweet and juicy. Simply love this lot.

Roast pork, Siu Yuk is one of my favourites too. The textures of the sliced pork were nice and these were not too fat and not too thin. They were so chewy between my teeth.

I really can’t describe the taste of these mouth-watering dishes with words alone. Why not just try it out?!~

A non-halal restaurant

Business opened till 4pm the latest


Sugar Bean said...

"wow... 15 years old roast duck, roast pork and barbequed pork's restaurant, it should be very nice. Coz the chef has cook the ducks and chicken for so long. hehe!"

the paragraph above is typed by yee siong. hahaha!!!

~Christine~Leng said...

wa.. looked so delicious! I want the roast duck! So long didn't eat roast duck dy! :P

ai wei said...

esiong, want makan there? next time come over my place and i will bring you both over.

leng, live to eat!!! so, eat more. hehe :P

aawilliam said...

You invite esiong? How about me?Tai sai chew......can I fellow?I mean you belanja,ok?The duck look fantastic......saliva drooling liao

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