Friday, September 21, 2007

A Birthday Treat @ Marmalade Cafe

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to KHEE!!!

Yep, it was Khee’s 21st this year. Needless to say, being a ji mui(s) of hers, could I not celebrate the big day with her?! Me and Christine made plan for her big day. As khee loves cakes (especially cheese cakes) a lot, we have planned to bring her out for delicious cake.


Marmalade café, one of my favourite cafés, is as sweet as its name. Love the whitish of the interior with sweet loving and colourful image painted on the wall. Everything seems neat and bright which gimme a real home cosy feeling.

At time the 4 (Me, Christine, Yen and Khee) of us settled down, three of them just threw me the menu and asked me to gao dim. Huh! ~ I have not been to this place for times and this was my second visit. Haihz, my previous visit was not a good one, begin told not to take photo… sigh sigh, but I will still come for their good food especially dessert.

Hibiscus rose and Honey lemon lime homemade teas and the iced cappuccino.

Khee had herself a glass of iced cappuccino. She said it was a normal one, not as good as those in India. Haihz, she keeps telling us that the India’s coffee is very great and the aroma of the coffee is incomparable with those in Malaysia. Is that true??? I dunno. I must ask her to bring me some coffee bean or powder when she is coming back next year.
[P.S – Khee, remember this when you’ve read about this.]

As for me, I had the Hibiscus rose homemade tea which appeared in pinkish red, the flower buds brought out good smell of rose and well-mixed with the hibiscus which gave a sourish taste. Nice and I believe this is very good for the skin.
Christine had Honey lemon lime homemade tea which tastes sourish and good to sooth the throat. Yen had Chrysanthemum orange homemade tea which was aromatic and tasty too for this afternoon laid back feeling.

As for the main, we had the Sounds of Havana salad which is a delicious concoction of Chicken, pineapple, coconut salsa, peppers, cashew nuts and haloumi. It was refreshing and healthy.

Next was the Spaghetti smoked salmon which claimed a great feedback from 3 of them. This was creamy based spaghetti with slices of smoked salmon and alfafa. Simply delicious and very healthy.

I have seen a lot of customers ordered quiche during my previous visit. Being curiosity on how quiche tastes, hence, we had also Turkey and mushroom quiche. Oh-yum. This was creamy enough and there were lots of turkey and mushrooms. However, I think this should be shared among people. If took this individually, the capacity of stomach will be filled up and you wouldn’t have chance to try on their desserts.


Since Cupcakes from Marmalade seem to gain good feedbacks from other bloggers and Christine has been longing for cupcakes. So she chose the large Peanut butter cupcake with flowery peanut butter icing on top. Pretty but this failed to impress us. It was hard and texture was rather dry. Ewww… no good no good! Besides, the icing was sweet and the cake itself also super sweet. And this was so not worth at Rm 4.50. Very expansive! ~

Look at her reaction~
4 of us had just small bite-ful of it. We couldn’t finish it and it was too sweet to our liking.

Not to forget our main purpose here. The lighted up Blueberry yogurt cake for Khee.

Look at her. She playfully poured the yogurt over the cake.

The baked blueberry cheese cake topped with blueberry yogurt. This was heavenly good.
I have read through Da Wheel of Life & Happiness and this cake in the blog attracted me. *hehe* really yummy and irresistible. Each forkful were creamy cheesy baked.

Of course there is present for Khee too. She took a hard to time to guess it.

Just something useful for her in the future --- the pen torch light. It took us times to think of what to get her. Buying her a present is the hardest!

I really want them to try out the oreo cheesecake which is heavenly cheesy but we were all full after the lunch. Well, maybe next time.

Marmalade café
Lot 1F-18, 1st floor,
Bangsar Village II,
2, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 22828301


~Christine~Leng said...

haha... i did my homework too! a very cosy place to hang out! delicious food and dessert! great celebration. but that cupcake just disappointed me a lot! :(

Anonymous said...

The colour of the salad really does open up one's appetite! The food looks really good :) Too bad about the overly sweet cupcake

Sugar Bean said...

i would really want to try the turkey and mushroom quiche and the blueberry yogurt cake. hmmm... dont know when my next visit there will be. i'm sure the food there will not disappoint me, but well, gotta be careful with the cupcake next time!

MeiyeN said...

i couldn't agree more on da peanut butter cupcakes! :| tried few days ago.. experienced da same thing, sad case! :( anyways, your friend is really lucky to have jimuis like you gals... :D

Unknown said...

haha the whole kl is on cupcake craze now, most of them look nice but taste the opposite..bah

New Kid on the Blog said...

The salads is colourful... that's open up everyone's appetite. I love cheesecake too... looks good!!!

ling239 said...

so far i only tried the tiny version cupcakes... which i find it delicious ~ ^_^

ai wei said...

disappointed with the cupcakes too. hard texture and too sweet. haih... my friend tried the delicious's cupcakes, terrible too!

yeah... the salad is really appetizing and healthy. take an opportunity to try it out =)

wenching & esiong,
you both have to pay a visit to marmalade. the dishes won't disappointed you. but... no cupcakes ya.

thanks for the recommendation on the blueberry yogurt cake. we love that! sigh, sad with the cupcakes.

lol, agree~ whole kl crazy bout cupcakes. but this totally disappointed me. maybe i have put too much expactation on it?! have u tried out any nice cupcakes before?

new kid on the blog,
the salad is real appetizing. and you must try on their cakes if you were there. MUST MUST!

thanks for dropping by. the tiny version cupcakes are nice?! haihz, never try it out. but sad with the bigger version.

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