Sunday, August 26, 2007

Homemade Chocolate Chips Walnut Muffin

It has been a long time since my last ‘baking’ because my house undergoes a little small tiny renovation which kept me busy in--- cleaning the house and doing household chores (which included vacuum, mopping, lap here and there….) I was really tired with it as I had the same routine (as above) for 2 weeks. *haih*

So, yesterday afternoon, I was in the kitchen without the assistant from mummy but the disturbance from my youngest brother. He wanted to help me by adding the ingredients. For me, he was really disturbing. Still, I managed to come out with 15 chocolate chips walnut muffins. *hehehe*

Ingredients like walnut, chocolate chips, muffin mix, corn oil, water, eggs are a must. (only parts of the ingredients shown as above)

Firstly, I baked the walnut and left it to be cooled. Meanwhile, I beat the eggs and added in the muffin mix and water little by little and stirred gently. Next, Corn oil was added and well mixed. You could add in chocolate chips and walnuts as many as you wish before sending them into the oven. Finally, placed about 4/5 full of the mixture into the cup moulds (with paper cups) and sent them into the oven. I baked them at 180 degree for 20minutes.

In the oven~

The chocolate chips walnut muffins, wanna have some?!

These are best served with coffee/ tea/ milk~


Sugar Bean said...

walau, u're really talented in baking. gotta learn from u 1 day. nice 1, the muffin looks really really delicious. really feel like biting the muffin d!! :D

anyway, the renovation not done yet? bear with it for a while... then ur house will be better and much more comfortable...

~Christine~Leng said...

hey gal... i wan those muffins! boleh? wow... u even "geng". Without any assistance! Next time when I'm visiting ur newly renovated place, I'll bring along a basket to collect my shares of muffins k? muahaha....!

ai wei said...

wenching & esiong~ haih... i am still a beginner lar. need to improve myself more. i think i am much better in cookies. let me 'jia you' in these then only send some to you. hehe

leng~ haha, i am still beginner ler. will share you some after my skill improves, k? em... better not let you come over my place especially my room, very very messy.

btw, this week having 2 tests ar! will post more after i am free

MeiyeN said...

oh....yummy cuties! thumbs up..

ai wei said...

hi mei yen, thanks for dropping by. ^^ i have read thru ur blog frequently and you can bake very very well!!!

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