Sunday, July 03, 2005

Part 1: Free from exam and studies

Exam was over! Hooray!!! i want to scream now. But i am too tired to do so. actually the exam was over since tuesday. I am relief bacause I don't have to face my book and can have a good holiday by now. however, i am having a headache now. I wonder why...

From tuesday until now, my days were full with activities.
Wednesday, i went shopping with my best friends in the morning and sang songs in red box karaoke, and had a BBQ party at night with college's friends.
Thurday, I went out with my secondary school friends and have fun in neway karaoke.
Friday , I went out with one of the best friends and shop in a mall.
Saturday, I went out with my mum to settle something.
Sunday, I went to my friend's house ---- a friend who just came back from australia and hold an open house.
once went out, the whole day gone.
well, from wednesday until today, they were full with activities.

hmmm.... i wonder how it'll be the next week?!


p.s. To one of my friends, khee. Do hope she is ok and dun get so down.

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Wen Ching said...

Well, I guess I could really explain your headache. You're too busy! Haha! Your daily schedule is so tight. Just rest more, I'm sure the headache will be over. And I bet your following week will be really busy too. :)

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