Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tambun biscuit from Him Heang

We love this cutie little biscuit from Penang.
This little biscuit,
At the size of ping pong ball or smaller,
Stuffed fully with fragrant green bean paste that has stirred fried with lard


Him Heang Tambun Piah
(Tambun biscuit)
Is her name.


We have this only once a year
We will buy 10 to 12 boxes at once
For friends and relatives
And keep 2 or 3 boxes for ourselves.


I can
Finish half box
16 pieces
In one day

1 piece
1 pop
Into my mouth. ^^


Oh no… I am craving for it now… again.

(My brother brought a box home yesterday. Crave satisfied… for now)

Him Heang Sdn Bhd
162-A, Jalan Burma,
10050 Penang.
Tel: 04 – 2286129, 2286130
Business hours: 8.30am – 5.00pm
Close on Sunday


ekeng said...

Ivy...Can you courier one box to me? Hehehe.

I want to die liao..Cos i can't get any good food in Labuan..Haizz :(

I miss Penang Laksa, Penang CKT..Penang Rojak..and Penang Tambun Bicuit..hehe :)

HairyBerry said...

this is one of my most favourite snacks of all time!!! i call them dragon balls. haha. lurve the smell of fried onion oil!

J2Kfm said...

people are generally torn between him heang and ghee hiang in penang.
though i found out that there are some other brands that deserve the limelight, equally.

ai wei said...

hahaha, i dun think so lor... so happened that bro bought a box home from penang and hor... hehehe, we finished them up. left only a few pcs here :P

nic (khkl),
yaya, used to called them dragon balls too. cute little one. they are really goooooooood and yuuummmmy larrr

dunno ler... we tried a few and found this one is still the one we love and will always buy when we are in penang :)

~Christine~Leng said...

this is my fave from Penang!a must buy for me ;) do u have extra dear? I wan some... ^^

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I still prefer Tambun biscuit sell at Air Hitam..

Meng Keat said...

used to be my favourite, have it almost everyday, but now I a bit of sitophobia of it. :(

Ciki said...

i just ate this yday morn! my colleague brought em back.. which reminds me... SNACK TIME! lol

iamthewitch said...

Oh I love them too! They're the best! No other brands can beat them. :))

choi yen said...

I used to love this but don't know why scare to eat that now, maybe my quote to eat this biscuit had finish? Haha!!

ai wei said...

dear, no more liao. all in my stomach :P

i love this a lot. and no other can beat!!!

kusahi keat,
LOL... am never will make myself phobia towards it.

hehe, same same. my brother bought a box back from penang. i have craved this for a long long time and finally, crave satisfied :)

yayaya! this is still my best :)

hahaha, ate too much and then phobia towards it liao?!

xin said...

ahh now im craving for it too. havent had it for months already. we always buy from him heang too :D

tracieMoo said...

Hello, I have passed you an award. Feel free to pick it up from my blog =)

ai wei said...

me too me too! my parents will only get from him heang. tried few others out there. still prefer him heang :)

hi, thanks for such a great award awarded for me. love it!
i love your blog! it's all about baking. YumYum too

Reanaclaire said...

the last trip i went ie 3 weeks ago, i bought a number of boxes.. i m going again next week, will visit HH again.. very very fresh la!
oh, btw, i come from Ipoh...
my blog www.reanaclaire.com

squall said...

i like their tambun biscuit very much...i can finish 1 box in 2hr...haha...

Little Inbox said...

I like him heang more than ghee hiang...can't resist the fragrant biscuit :)

Rebecca Saw said...

i love em too! hv u tried the pandan leng yong? Absolutely yummy!

ai wei said...

hihi, welcome to my blog :)
i do agree, HH are very fresh!!!:)

wow!!! serious??? one box in 2hours????

little inbox,
true true, i can't resist the real fragrant from HH. they are just too good! haha.

har? got pandan len yong??? from this HH too??? i din know bout that @@

Anonymous said...

Correction: It is not stir fried with lard. It says HALAL on the box. I just went yesterday.

ai wei said...

Dear anonymous,
Oh really? They have changed from non halal to halal?! Wondering since when???
Aare u sure it's really from him heang? As I recalled, there are few other brand out there and one of the brands is halal, but not this I guess

beauty dreams boutiques said...

Hi all,I remember last time they have PANDAN Favor... is it still available?

ai wei said...

Hi, beauty dreams boutiques, the pandan flavour is still available and i had it just last week!

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