Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Peach Yogurt Baked Cheese Cake

When the baking mood comes, I will disappear myself into kitchen and appear myself in the living room after some hours. *just like playing the Apparition and Disapparition spells from Harry Potter.*

Last Friday, the baking mood dropped by. I got stimulated and disappeared into the kitchen again. With the help of the little elves (the handy little machines), I baked the Peach Yogurt Baked Cheese Cake. :)


The Peach Yogurt Baked Cheese Cake is baked into golden Yellowish.



The Velvety cheese part is extremely silky smooth and soft. It melts between the hard palate and tongue. Simply irresistible + Cheesilicious!


We finished the last piece on Sunday.
The family complained… Not Enough peaches. I should have line-d in more. Gotta put in more peach slices next time



Claire said...


Your cheesecake looks fantastic...would you mind sharing your recipe for it? Thank you!

squall said...

can i have 1 slice to try?...look nice ler....

noobbaker said...


Your cake looks really good. Mind sharing the recipe? Would really appreciate it!

yummyfoodstastydrinks said...

wow...It look delicious and nice...
mind to share the recipe?
yummy yummy!!

Anonymous said...

wow wow, mind sharing the recipe...

Big Boys Oven said...

defintely a good piece of baking, I can smell it over the screen! lol!

Francis said...

very well done this 1 =)

do u think i can bake? since im free doing nothing new xD

ai wei said...


hi, and sure sure sure. but please allow me to finish my finalsss and then i will try my best update asap :)

hahaha, no prob. wait til next time ya

hahaha, that's toooooo kua cheong lar.

try lar, learn some baking and make them for your dearsss, start with the simple one. me also try with the most simple one and take another advance level. :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

wah, this cheese cake look much much better than last time, no crack on the top (how you did this?) and perfect shape, girl, this one really well done.
By the way, what ingredients for the cake base? This Friday I will have gang dinner again, I want to bake cheese cake again, this time I want to add peach also, really a great idea to add peach.

Little Inbox said...

Wow, it was beautifully done. Can you share the recipe?

ai wei said...

oh... this is another recipe. another type using yogurt. baked type but need to store in the fridge. :) hehehehe

the base i used digestive biscuit with brown sugar, cocoa powder and melted butter.

this is one of the Alex Goh's recipe. from his recipe book, his looks better. haha

little inbox,
hi, and sure sure sure. but please allow me to finish my finalsss and then i will try my best update asap :)

kampungboycitygal said...

dear i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan :D

kampungboycitygal said...

dear i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan :D

ai wei said...

dear ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok :D

Shien said...

it's superb! Sis

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Thanks Ai Wei, can share the recipe here? Thanks in advance.

Precious Pea said...

I need to dig a hole to hide. So malu over my pre-mix muffins now...but before that, can i have a piece while I hide myself?

HairyBerry said...

interesting! i've never thought of using yoghurt in cheese cakes. sure is healthier and less expensive than sour cream. must try bake one d. thanks!

~Christine~Leng said...

can I repeat after citygal? i wan i wan i wan i wan i wan too!! pls pls pls dear!
"swish swoosh! waving the wand hurriedly at aiwei.." keke

J2Kfm said...

looks so much like those japanese style fluffy cheesecakes.
bring some over to Ipoh if you guys ever come down again ok?

Sugar Bean said...

whoaaa!! looks so delicious!!! can i have the whole cake to myself? haha! okok, i'm being greedy. wish i can bake as well as u do. the cake looks really good. =)

Rebecca Saw said...

my the cake rises so beautifully!!

Hey..finals comin but can squeeze in Sek Yuen tmw nite at 7pm? text me!

iamthewitch said...

The cake is fabulous! Nice and smooth :) Well done girl!

Meng Keat said...

recipe? please include me. the texture very nice, must taste great. I also want piece.

Par said...

That's some good hours spend in the kitchen for some fine looking cake!

動 Orson said...

saliva ing...haaa
the bottom layer, what is it?

u so panai(pandai)de lol

Meng Keat said...

Ai Wei,
Running poll on best curry noodle. Please vote @ my blog. Psst vote Ipoh, ok?

ai wei said...


you are welcome

precious pea,
don't say so ler... i love ur pre mix muffin. can i have a box too?! i love pre mix stuff as they are simple and convenient and promise great outcomes :P

hehe, i am just following the recipe. :)

ai wei said...

my answer: that will be
ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

hehehe :) i won't turn down ur request, my dear :)

ai wei said...

oh hahahaha, transport it down to ipoh?! it will melt, i think @@

sugar bean,
when are you coming back? miss you guys a lot ler!!!


@@ sek yuen???

thanks thanks :)

ai wei said...

ms K,
^^ i love spending my time baking in the kitchen :)

as for the bottom layer, it is actually the biscuit base layer with chocolaty flavour

kusahi keat,
please allow me to finish my finalsss and then i will try my best to update asap :)

as for the voting in you blog, i have only tried one curry mee from ipoh before worrr... kinda hard to put my votes :P and i cant remember how the penang curry mee taste

Phooi Fun said...

wau!!! my saliva is dropping!!! RECIPE pls!!! haha

KwOnG FeI said...

OMG!! never know u can bake so well~
the appearance alrdy 100% .. so i think the taste will be superb~
i personally like cheese cake.. nw u add peach yogurt into it..another favourite of mine..
looks yummy..

Ciki said...

harlo! nice blog you've got here! will link ya asap;)

xin said...

can we get to try if we meet again next time? :D

Simon Seow said...

Can I order from you? :p

Li Shan said...

Hi AI wei, Ur cheese cake look beautifully baked.. hope you can share the recipe.. thanks also I had added u into my blog. thanks

Anonymous said...

is fantastic!~
mind to share recipe?~

Thalia Tan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thalia Tan said...

Your cheesecake look great!
I added ur blog in my blog link ^ ^

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