Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sausage bites @ Pizza Hut

This is a kinda back-dated post. My youngest brother had been bugging me to try out Pizza Hut’s dip-licious for quite some times. But I was all the time ignore his request. On one evening, I had just no-idea-why I brought both my brothers to Pizza Hut.

Since I had taken something at home before deciding our dinner at pizza hut, we ordered the Cheesy-bites dip-licious meal set 1. The set came along with 2 bowls of soup-of-the-day, 2 glasses of coke, garlic bread and the regular size of sausage bites dip-licious pizza with Hawaiian Supreme as the topping.

Soup-of-the-day and coke. Well, I don’t really fancy their chicken soup and it was quite ‘diluted’.

*hehe* we just love the parmesan cheese in our soup.

Here’s the garlic bread. Soft, fragrant and yummy. Best dipped with the creamy soup but I prefer mushroom soup to this chicken soup.

When the waiter introduced me the extra charges on something, I didn’t take it because I couldn’t hear what she was explaining (the place was really noisy and crowded at that time). I didn’t know that they actually charged extra Rm 3 for the cheese on the sausage bites.

The presentation of the pizza was nice but… it didn’t taste good. The sausage bites were rather hard and tasteless (just like the hard bread wrapped up with the normal frozen sausage). Another thing was that barbeque cheese dip had nothing special on it. The diluted cheese dips in orangy colour didn’t look good at all. It couldn’t compete with the creamy cheese fondue I had in Marche before. However, The Hawaiian Supreme pizza (the middle part) satisfied us.

Overall, we were satisfied with the service during dinner time. Our order came quick and well prepared fast. And I still find that it is the safest to choose classic types of pizza.

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New Kid on the Blog said...

hi dropping by from jackson's blog.... good food, huh?

MeiyeN said...

tried da same thing last 2 weeks.... no good, no good but i like da cheesielicious dipping though ;)

~Christine~Leng said...

the sausages are not nice eh? I still prefer classic pizzas. Too much cheese just made me "jelak". Yea... the soup is way way diluted! Think we can cook better ones! ;P

Sugar Bean said...

i havent try that before, i dont know why, but i dont really feel like trying it out. anyway, we've been eating the cheapest meal for 2 in pizza hut since they've introduced it. that's really worth it! and it tastes quite good too!!

Unknown said...

banned pizza hut since a long time ago, service sucks and the food is getting worst

ai wei said...

new kid on the blog,
thanks for dropping by. erm... honestly, that was not a good meal. iksss.

no good right?! pizza hut getting worse with all those 'new creation'.

i am into their classic pizza only. not going to try out those new creation from pizza hut anymore. really no good!

wenching & esiong,
yeah... usually i always have their cheapest meal set. DUN ever try out their NEW product.

*nod nod* agree agree! ban them ban them!

Junkgirl™ said...

I love parmesan cheese too...

ai wei said...

thanks for dropping by! i love cheese too! parmesan, mozarella~

Simon Seow said...

I found that the cheese dip tasted like Twistee Cheese flavour.

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