Monday, September 03, 2007

The Legendary Ulu Yam noodles (II)

What is Ulu Yam famous for?! Of course that’s the noodles! I am really happy to have an aunt whose hometown is Ulu Yam. She is … erm… how to say?! Well, she is well-known and knows a lot of people in Ulu Yam. I have had this golden opportunity to understand the procedures. Each springy thinly noodle is not easy to be produced and it went through a lot of hard work and undergoes sequences of process.

Hence, the legendary Ulu Yam noodle is revealed here. ^^ (right inside this shack)

I was introduced to a very kind old lady who is the owner and producer of the noodles. She then cleaned her hand and mixed up the flour and water and some other ingredients that have been placed in the big container to form dough.

Then, the dough is passed through this machine to make it firm and rigid. According to my uncle, in old times they used this machine to thin the solidified latex after added with formic acid.

The dough is then run through a few times with this machine and slightly decrease the thickness each time to form a thinly piece.

Next, the fine thinly piece is passed through this machine to make it even thinner.

Look at my cousin brother. He was helping out to thin the pieces.

The aunty then cut the piece into about 6 inches each

And they are sent to the ‘noodle-slicing-machine’.

Ta-da~ with no additional of preservation, no additional of colour and the finely, natural, springy noodles are produced!

Packets of noodles for sales~

PS:~ thanks to the lovely old lady and her son-in-law for showing us the process on noodles producing. Sorry to all as I don’t know how to use the flowerish descriptions and adjectives to write on this post. So, just let the picture to tell you the story~


Jimmy Tham said...

damn it. =\ you kept asking people to leave comment. it's so hard for people like me who is studying overseas to resist the temptation of looking at the foods. damn it.

Big Boys Oven said...

so my.... love the traditional way of food preparation which we seldom see now.

Anonymous said...


gagagaga..wei is bad...when i'm coming back.make sure u bring me to all the places that had intro by u b4..k??

haha...nice nice ulu yam heard of this place time v go tgt-gt...=)

miss you n offfff cozzzz all the malaysian's food as well....yummy aiks.i'm now hungry aGAIN.tsk*tsk*


Sugar Bean said...

hey, this post is interesting. i didn't know much about ulu yam before reading this. it's so cool that u captured the photos of the whole process. nice nice!!

Anonymous said...

I've heard about the Ulu Yam noodles but this is really great insight into the noodle making. Wonderful post :) The machine used to flatten the dough is really classic! And ingenious too! Haha. I hope this art of noodle making will not cease in the future. Can I get a tour too? :P

~Christine~Leng said...

I've never had Ulu Yam Noodle before although I've heard about it a lot of times! wow... u get to witness how are they processed!! cool... I want a tour also *hands up* So... how does the noodle taste? going to post right? can't wait gal...

ai wei said...

sorry o... studying in overseas also can have lots of nice food ma especially in aus. besides, you can cook. when are you going to cook us a meal as you promised???

big boys oven,
yep indeed, we can hardly see the food prepared in a classic way nowadays

sure will bring you out for nice food. but then i am afraid by time you come back, you are fully booked by ur hubby d. haih... surely you have no time for me lar~

wenching & esiong,
the noodle-producing was very interesting. ^^

yaya, i never believe i myself can have an insight look. i am really amazed in their hardworks in this fine art --- noodles. very delicious ar~
erm... tour... i am not a good tour guide. haha as i deno the way to Ulu Yam at all! Pai seh~

their noodles are WOW! look on my next post then u will know how's it. must try!
a tour... erm... i deno the way e. pai seh lar~

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