Saturday, September 08, 2007

Kwai Sam Kee Kopitiam, Damansara Perdana

Needless to explain much after Christine has done a fully description on our hang out day. We drove all over to Damansara Perdana for a serious shopping. Surprisingly, Yen and Leng both have spent a fortune on clothes and accessories. Glad that both of them love the boutique I recommended. And Well, thanks to Chris for driving us and giving us wonderful opinions from a guy’s view.

We never ‘rest’ ourselves until a late lunch at Kwai Sam Kee Kopitiam. K3K Kopitiam in short is well-equipped with modern furniture but gives an antique-oldish-look of interior. It gave me a homely feel when I first stepped into it. We settled ourselves at the air-con area and flipped through the menu.

It gave me a kind of warm feeling on the main page of the menu. Then I noticed that that’s my mum’s hometown. No wonder the whole place gave me a warmth hearty feeling.

Antique-looked interior.

All the wooden-like furniture created and olden kopitiam style.

I had the warm Bali Lemon which I find it special with Lemon. Hmmm… next time when mum makes us Bali, I can add some Lemon into it. I believe this can soothe the throat.

Yen and Leng didn’t have any drinks. As for Chris, he went for K3K special cold milky tea.

Next were our main courses.

I had their K3K special noodles with a combination of Italy spaghetti and Chinese secret spicy chili paste, accompany with slices of trio peppers, carrot, onion, cuttlefish, prawn and spinach. Love the huge prawn. I love their spicy sauce but the noodles were kinda bland. Besides, the sauce was not enough for my noodles.

As Christine was a bit not feeling well, she went for something plain. I had a spoonful of her Chicken Porridge. Hmmm… a simple porridge but very flavourful. Thumb-up for this.

Chris opted for Pattaya Fried Rice. Its fried rice was wrapped with egg and came in a sea of sauce/gravy. This dish was Lovely and quite unique as I used to had the drier version of Pattaya Fried Rice.

Yen’s Pineapple Fried Rice was first served. She was very hungry and wanna ate it straight but stopped by me and Leng. *hehe* it was because we wanted to take photos. High-5 Leng~

I have totally forgotten about this kopitiam not until I watch the ‘one day five meals’ hosted by Angel (Chui Ling) that night, 8pm at Astro channel 30, Wah Lai Toi. I told my mum about my lunch and she said this kopitiam is actually owned by my aunt’s friend. And she told me their toast was incredible with the kaya. @.@ why wouldn’t I had their toast and kaya that afternoon?!

The origin of this kopitiam is at Benta, Kuala Lipis, Pahang. Aunt told me that their kaya handmade by the owner. The secret recipe is actually passed down from the owner’s grandpa (if I am not mistaken). Besides, the owner purposely decorates the kopitiam into the olden look same like the one in his hometown. Do stop by and have a try. I will soon revisit this place again. (er-hem, not too soon actually) ^^

K3K Kopitiam
The Place,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-77299678

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Jackson said...

oohh... i saw this place the other day and wanted to try but too bad no parking... sad sad sad

Sugar Bean said...

i think i like the spaghetti u ordered the most, it looks so tasty! especially at this time when i haven had lunch yet. how was their price for the food??

Big Boys Oven said...

nice place... if you and christine there next time... do let us know...we can hang out

~Christine~Leng said...

ai wei. Make sure u order toasts for me next time!! hehe...

ai wei said...

thsi place okay okay ar... luckily it was sunday that day and there were no cars around the area. maybe you can try on Sunday?!

wenching & esiong,
the prices of the food are quite reasonable. haiz, never had their toast. next time if u were there, must try ya! heard that the toast with kaya is very nice.

big boys oven,
sure~ are you staying around that area??? me and christine will have meals together if... she is free.

haha, definately will get the toast! =)

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