Thursday, September 06, 2007

Greenery Flowery in Ulu Yam (IV)

Photo shooting was fun. I was holding my camera all day long to capture this and that. The view of this new village brought back memory on my dad’s hometown. I often went back to dad’s hometown while I was little. But now… once a year or once every 2 years.

Here are some I captured nearby my uncle’s house.

They have the special name for these grass --- 满地黄金(man di huang jin). People believe that this can bring more prosperous?!

Butterfly was resting on a flower and craving for nectar. I took a hard time to capture this with variety function and setting of my camera. Playing with my camera under the bare sun is not a good thing and I was exposed to the UV ray! This is going to stimulate more melanocytes in my skin which can make me darker. Ew…

Anyhow, I don’t really fancy butterfly. Imagine that they originate from eggs which turn into caterpillars.

On the way back after the noodle-producing-shots, I saw this and uncle purposely stopped by for me. The dragon fruit trees were fruiting!

Dragon fruit trees

Dragon fruit

Here are some I captured after the lunch at Shang Kee Restaurant. We went to a nursery nearby. All my aunts were crazy over the nursery! They love flowery stuff a lot. I could not believe that they have actually spent for some pots of flower and greenery and brought all the way back to KL. Well, I must say that those for sales in this nursery are very much cheaper than those nurseries in KL.

Continue with my shots…

This is special. It requires neither the soil nor the water to grow. Guess what?! It depends on the air to Grow. Interesting huh.

According to the owner, this is the new species of periuk kera, pitcher plant. Normally the pitcher plant we see is the pitcher hanging from the tendrils. After I have searched over the wikipedia, this is the North American pitcher plant which belongs to the genus of Sarracenia.

Here is another pot.

And finally the cactus.


Anonymous said...

Interesting plants...especially the one that grows without soil. Looks prickly ;) I usually get to see dragon fruit plants in my uni's ladang whenever our shuttle bus passes by, but they are always bare without the fruit. Hehe

Sugar Bean said...

wow, u sure had a great time in ulu yam. the flowers look beautiful. i like the first photos and those with the butterfly, though i'm not a big fan of it, i think it looks nice in the photos. keke!

MeiyeN said...

well done... very nice pics! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG! I would love to visit the nursery.... lovely plants.

ai wei said...

i found that plant grows without soil is interesting, my aunt almost wanted to buy that but just afraid it won't grow well in warm and hot weather in KL.

wenching & esiong,
nice trip i had and hope you like the pics i have taken.

thank you very muchie.

big boys oven,
nice plants they have. i love to visit nursery too but 'feeding' the mosquitoes at the same time. haiz

~Christine~Leng said...

yikes! forgotten to praise my dear friend :) good job... can gimme lessons??

ai wei said...

give you lessons on wat?! dun tell me photography ar... my skill so 'cha'. still learning and improving myself~

Anonymous said...

That plant that grows without soil is extremely prolific here in Florida. It's called spanish moss, but we just call it moss here... A lot of people think of it as a weed. It's an air plant/epiphyte, just like the ones with the pretty flowers, it just has very tiny green flowers.

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