Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old Town White Coffee

Old Town White Coffee is never new a new eatery for me. For over a year, I have been visiting Old Town quite frequently with my course mates (as there are not many choices to dine in nearby my uni). However, this is something new for PuiLeng. ^^

it was such a delight to have ‘dated’ both Yen and Leng. Both of them are busy with studies and pak-tou-ing. Especially Yen, really have no idea where is all her time gone?! Here am I sincerely apologize to Yen for 5 to 8 mins late at the Madan Chiam, and hence, Yen don’t have to insist me to be punctual all the time ba! And that day, I was half an hour earlier. Guess who was late?! Yen~ =P

We actually chose between Orchid Bistro and Old Town for our lunch, and when we saw that there were not many customers dining in Orchid Bistro --- we had the feeling that the food is not really good in it. So... no Orchid Bistro!

It was so comfy sitting in Old Town. Love the brownish color of the interior, my fave color~

Leng had the Cold Honey Lemon Juice to quench her thirst.

Yen ordered only this drink, Hot Honey Lemon Juice. How can this be?! We dated her for lunch and she said she already taken her lunch!

As usual, begin a coffee lover me; I had the OldTown Enriched White Coffee Gao.

For food, Leng had the OldTown Nasi Lemak Special. She claimed it was really nice especially the sambal. I have to agree with her because their nasi lemak special was a nice one.

As I had something light before my lunch, I opted for the Tuna Toast which came in thick tuna spread and lettuce and crunchy toast.

Sigh, ‘sam quiit yat’ (for mahjong?! Haha) --- khee was not aroung. If not, all four sisters will definitely have more fun time together. Anyway, she will be back by today, we are going to meet out soon! =P

Old Town White Coffee
Jusco Cheras Selatan

Tel: 03-90741898

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Sugar Bean said...

i haven been there for quite some time, though there're similar restaurants quite near to my house. anyway, i like their coffee but i cant really take coffee... the nasi lemak looks delicious, i wonder y it always seem appealing to me. haha!

btw, i thought u said that u will not post for a week? haha! so fast posting again?

~Christine~Leng said...

yea.. "sam kuet yat!!" nice to have makan sessions with u.. love the busy moment of takings pictures!!! I'm kinda sick now. sorethoart! hope it won't affect my mood tomorrow and hope it'll go away!! Arghh!

Unknown said...

haha sam kuet yatt..u can call me!! im so addicted to mahjong but noone play with me :(

ai wei said...

wenching & esiong~ aha... at first, i'd planned to take 'a rest' for a week. then hor... i have really got nothing to do after my test on thurs, so, i just onlined and posted =) as always, nasi lemak is ur favourite. how long you never have nasi lemak adi?

leng~ oh my, do get well soon k? cz we have to walk few streets over fro boutique. drink more water ar! tmr we wont sam kuet yat as ur hubby will be there with us! =P

kampungboycitygal~ you know how to play mahjong??? i am very 'cha' in it. must practise lar but always no kaki

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