Friday, October 09, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival Reunion Dinner

Colourful candles and paper lanterns,
Are something we love playing during the moon cake festival.
As I grow up,
I find candles and paper lanterns are strangers to me.
Till this year’s Mid Autumn Festival
I joined up the children circle (right, a 20+-year-old-girl joined the kids’ crowd)
To bring back my childhood memories… on lantern and candles.

A day I longed has arrived. Finally, family and relatives could get together, for the reunion dinner and the chats with liquor after dinner.

For dinner, every dish was well prepared with loves and care…


Fried seafood tofu


Fried fish cake aka spring rolls


Home made fried wantan



Nga Gu’ – the adults’ favourite


Chicken – a must have on every occasion


Braised ginger duck


3 ply pork belly with yam slices – mum's signature dish


Desserts - The red bean tong yun in red bean soup homemade by me and mum. However, There wasn’t any empty space left in my stomach, I da-baoed home.

And now…
I am looking forward the next occasion – Winter Solstice Festival~


yummyfoodstastydrinks said...

wow...look delicious...can feel it prepared with loves and care

Anonymous said...

wow, mouthwatering food during ur mid autumn reunion, esp the loh bak looks really tasty!

squall said...

wow...nice home cook can i join the Winter Solstice Festival dinner???...hehe...

ai wei said...

hehe, ya ooo, with <3

aunt hand made them with raw ingredients! love it with the dipping thai sauce

haha, can can can de :P

~Christine~Leng said...

what a spread of food! dear... i wanna try your mom's pork belly with yam! :)
this year onli play candle? haha.. we have candle blowing competition every year. Missed it this year tho ;P

wmw said...

Wah...the pork belly with yam looks so good!

ai wei said...

huh??? candle blowing competition??? hahahaha... sounds nice. that pork belly is sinfully good. we can only have it twice a year...

it is superb! how i wish i have half of mum's skill...

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

these are really make me drooling, my saliva come out liao..yum yum.
Especially your mum signature dish, belly pork with yam, can ask your mum to teach us or not?
I want to learn this dish..Thanks in advance.

Taufulou said...

weih..hungry loh..looking at your pic..
3 ply pork belly and yam ..just wish i had 1~

iamthewitch said...

Wow you're so lucky to be blessed with so much good food!!! Makes me hungry only :P

ai wei said...

oh hahaha, can gua :P

3 ply pork belly is sinful. especially the fatty portion. :P

yours are great too! congratulation to you! triple big celebration on mooncake festival real day :)

worldwindows said...

Nice blog to visit. You eat well at home and food looks good.

Rebecca Saw said...

Yummy food! all homecooked. Lucky gal!!

Winter festival..Tang Yuan right??
Ohh..i missed those flouring rolling days!

superwilson said...

Great food. I envy seriously.

ai wei said...

hi, welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting :)

yaya, tangyuan on the winter festival. this year's fall in dec/jan if not miataken. :)

hehe, dun envy lar... me super envy on ur thailand trip! cool!

Selba said...

So many yummy food! *drools*

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