Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lunch with bestest Friend at Sakae Sushi, Bangsar Village 2

Wen Ching’s final examination is over. Finally she has holiday after those hard and exhausted days, I m very happy for her as well as happy for myself too because I can call her out for meals anytime anywhere. *whheeehehehehe* so happy. [Hope you don’t mind, esiong]

It was Monday story and we both hit the Bangsar Village 2 after my class end at 1pm. Ahh… so happy and we both chatted non-stop in the car. Last time (1 ½ years back), dad used to bring us here (bangsar village 1). I love Bangsar Village’s Vallage Grocer a lot as they provide fresh greens and imported products from foreign countries. Smoothly, we made our way to this complex in just 15minutes.

At time, the Japanese food lover, Wen Ching suggested for Sakae Sushi as she discovered that there is a new outlet opened. Since I have not tried out Sakae Sushi before, I will give it a try (although I have had Jap food with my bro yesterday).

Sakae Sushi is more or less similar to Genki Sushi, Sushi King and Oh! Sushi. They have the same concept with sushi moving around on the train belt, serve a variety of dishes (ramen, bento, sashimi, sushi… you named it). One thing which is very different is that Sakae Sushi implants the high technology stuff --- computers at most of the tables. That means, we are required to make order though computer.

Green tea in packet

I had Yasai miso ramen with lots of yasai (vegetables). A nice one as its broth was quite flavourful.

Wen Ching had Kimchi ramen. She always opts for spicy type of ramen.

We ordered Soft shell crab agemono which was priced at Rm 7.90. The plate came with 2 crabby. This was nice along with the soy sauce provided. We both were First time on this huge soft shell crab.

Sakae sushi was having a TRIcolor promotion which was, you can order the set consist of a red plate (Rm 5.90), a pink plate (Rm 3.90) and a green plate (Rm 1.90) at just Rm 9.90. This means that you get to save up Rm 1.80 for these 3 plates.

Hence, we had…

Unagi premium maki which tasted very fresh and the middle of the rolls were very crunchy. ~special~

Tuna mayo inari

This was quite tricky because there was only one inari with tuna mayo. There other one was just inari. We both still love the wonderful inari. *hehe*

Salmon handroll

Once again, we never thought of if we can finish all these before we made the order and ended up, we couldn’t really finish. I dislike food wasting, so I tried my best to finish the salmon roll. Thought that it would be easier to finish it if I made them into pieces… when I unwrapped the salmon roll, there was no mayonnaise!!! Roll without mayonnaise wasn’t really perfect.


There is one thing we find it cacat in this restaurant --- the hot water refilled for green tea. You will find the hot water leakage if you are not fast enough to press for refill. Very pai seh. We had to soak up the water with whole box of tissue. Well, hope they will make improvement on this thing. Maybe change it to the type like those in Genki???


Anonymous said...

Another Japanese food post! I've not eaten in any Jap restaurant for some time, this really makes me want to have a bite at those sushi

Sugar Bean said...

hey, finally u posted on sakae sushi! keke! can't wait to read ur coming posts. yeah, i really had a great time! glad we tried that out! bangsar village really has a lot of good restaurants. don't worry, we'll visit them one by one!!

ai wei said...

durianberry~ do you like sushi/ japanese food? if so, you must try out sakae sushi. btw, where are you from???

wenching & esiong, i have finally uploaded the new one. hehe. now i have lacked of things to write. nice hor, bangsar got so many good food to try out. when are we going again??? you seems very busy in this holiday. kekeke.

~Christine~Leng said...

yer... another JApanese food eat out session. I want that too! hehe... high tech-Nya. the ordering of of food.. I wanna go Bangsar Village II!!

ai wei said...

leng~ let's see when wanna go together?! i learnt the way to go adi. we can try on banquet, delicious cafe, marmalade.... more and more to try out there!

Anonymous said...

Hi,i'm one of the sakae sushi staff,Thanx for ur comments bout sakae sushi..we will take ur suggestion into consideration to serve u better..

Lookie at

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