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Memorable Birthday 09 Part 1: Full House @ NZX

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7 months flies; guess it’s time to do some memory recalls on my birthday celebration. Finally, I have some time to look through my archive and select photos to write about it. This year’s birthday is the most memorable one I have ever had. My friends gave me all big surprises.

The first gang who gave me the surprises is the Murnian Best-ies --- Yen, Khee and Christine (though she was not here, her present was here). It was a super rainy day and I drove them to our destination place ---Full House. It took us some times to travel through the rain and the massive traffic jam.

Full House is well-known ever since it is exposed to the public; it got featured on the newspaper and blogged by bloggers. Full house is prettily decorated and most of their décor pieces are available for sales. So, if you like anything from Full House, you can simply cash and carry the piece.

We all got hungry in that extreme cold weather. As soon as we arrived, hot stuff was something we looked for to warm our tummy.

A pot of tea

As appetizer, we opted for the Classic Caesar salad with Smoked Salmon. It is served with the fresh veges, bacon bits, parmesan cheese and tossed with their house’s dressing.

The set lunches they served are quite a great deal (priced from RM 12.90 to RM 14.90 if I am not mistaken).

We had the Tiffany’s favourite meal which consists of Lime juice.

Cream of chicken soup (with additional of RM1)

Pan Sear Dory Fish is come with Siu Pak Choy and Lemon Grass Cream.

And the Yam ice cream

The Tony’s favourite meal comes with a big mug of ice lemon tea and Yam ice cream too.

Mushroom Cappuccino Soup (with additional of RM1)

Their house’s Wok-Sear Chicken Chop. The Chicken Chop is tender and juicy with a large portion of mash potatoes and drenched with the flavourful slightly black pepper sauce. We almost licked clean the plate.

My both best-ies brought me the Nadeja’s Mille Crepe. I just couldn’t believe it. The Nadeja’s Mille Crepe travelled all the way from Malacca to KL.

My Birthday Cake from Nadeja’s

The cake was made of layers and layers of thin French crepe inter-spread with milky soft cream and chocolate. The sinful chocolate and crème mille crepe cake was something heart alluring and irresistible. They just melted between the tongue and hard palate; my taste buds knocked my head for more.

Birthday kisses from both Best-ies. *Sweet* Christine, you owe me yours.

Click HERE for map.

Full House Lifestyle Store & Café
C-G-11 Block C,
No.2, Jalan PJU 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagangan NZX,
Ara Jaya PJU 1A,
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78850836
Fax: 03-78850839


J2Kfm said...

aiks? tot christine back already?

yeah, this place has been blogged to death. literally.

Anonymous said...

so sweet of ur friend...all the way from malacca to KL with the birthday cake for u...

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahah she is back..... but no sign of her! lol! what a way to celebrate your birthday! so cool!

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahah she is back..... but no sign of her! lol! what a way to celebrate your birthday! so cool!

Agnes Cheong said...

Sweet birthday~ ohya where can I find full house? haha.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

The Mille Crepe look really really delicious, may i know where your friend get this cake from Melaka? I'm going to Melaka end of this month, so I can buy one and try it out.

ai wei said...

yaya, she is back already.
this was happened 7 months ago. at that time she was in glasgow ma. it was a celebration without her. :)

yaya, they are super sweet! brought a cake all the way from malacca.

ya lor and now she is back. time for her to replace one meal for me. wahahahahaha

agnes cheong,
full house is at Niu Zhe Xiu. i have just put up the address. i will try looking for a good map to post up here. :)

ok, i will ask my friend where is the nadeja at malacca ya. will update you asap :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

dear, never mind, I got the address already:
G-23 & 25, Jln PM4,
Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka.
Tel : 06 - 283 8750

Timothy Low said...

My favorite is their Wok-Sear Chicken Chop. Especially their sauce. And the little pieces of raisins in the sauce. And you reminded me that I have a piece of Full House article I haven't posted. Sigh ......

foodbin said...

i would like to have a piece of the cake-so sinful!

xin said...

the mille crepe looksss yum!! i have been to nzx twice, but somehow just did not have the urge to visit full house

HairyBerry said...

great place for photography, i presume. hmmm, is this the same as the garden restaurant at one u ar?

Chris said...


ai wei said...

waaa... thanks a lot!
so, are you going to grab those mille crepe end of the month?

Timothy Low,
i love the Wok-Sear Chicken Chop too! it's their signature dish. the pan dory fish was so so only :)
hehehe, guess it's time for you to post on full house :)

my myself also craving for the cake now. Yum. miss it a lot!

the mille crepe was great! a must to grab when u are in malacca.
hmmm, visiting full house? visit it when you have the mood lor. mood is super important :)

nic (khkl),
yaya, a great place for photography~ its concept is about the same as garden in one U. never expect too much from food. environment wise, it is superb!

this is an awesome place.
hehehe, thanks for the wish but it should be a belated one. hehehehe.

Phooi Fun said...

Omg, the place seems pretty!! where is it actually?? erm.. must go ter n hav a try!

Phooi Fun said...

oh ya, Happy belated birthday!

Phooi Fun said...

ops.. i just saw the map.. okok, will figure it out... hehe

Little Inbox said...

A very happy belated birthday you had. :)

~Christine~Leng said...

bring me here!!! haha.. oops. ya I owed u! come and claim your soon ;P
Missed khee and Yen!

ai wei said...

Phooi Fun,
thanks thanks.
hahaha, you ar...
well, you try to find out this place. it's a nice place for photo snapping. must go ya~

little inbox,
thanks a lot~

hehe, ya, going to claim one from you :P
we can go again some day and
i miss them a lot too!!!

Unknown said...

cant believe that i missed ur bday :(

ai wei said...

haha, no worries, next year one is coming soon. besides, we can celebrate christine one first :)

Sugar Bean said...

@.@ I thought your birthday was more than half a year ago? Haha, so backdated, haha, like what I like to do. You want my kiss? I give you, muaks! Hahaha!

[SK] said...

nice birthday cake!! and all the way from malacca, your besties are so sweet.. :)

ai wei said...

Sugar Bean,
haha, no choice lar. now have to start writing up on these back dated one. hehehe

and hor, thanks for the BIG MUACKSSS! ^^

am really happy with the friends i have ^^
they are the sweetest!

Taufulou said...

seems that alot of ppl been goin to this place recently..the layer french crepe looks hoh chiak eh!~

ai wei said...

that mille crepe was lovely. the taste was still in my mind now...

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