Friday, August 28, 2009

Memorable Birthday 09 Part 5: Dome @ KLCC

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*Note: this was a 7-month-ago story*

Who doesn’t like birthday celebration?! Where you can chat with your friends, get together with your not-so-frequently-contact friends, having big Birthday blasts, eat eat eat and drink drink drink.

This is my last and final episode of Memorable Birthday 09. I had a small sweet Lunch with another best-ies at Dome, KLCC. Looking for a table wasn’t that easy especially it is the time for lunch during weekdays. OL and office staffs had overflowed the restaurant. Hence, We had to queue up for a table

As I said, it was a sweet lunch, we ordered ourselves the Yummy Desserts.

Vienna is something my best-ie loves a lot. She had it. Vienna from Dome is actually a single shot of espresso infusion, topped up with hot water and finished off with fresh whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate. It’s so Vienna!

I had the Hot Chocolate which was actually a shot of Dome drinking chocolate topped up with gently steamed milk and finally dusted with chocolate. There was an additional piece of marshmallow that gave a boost of sweetness to my cup of hot chocolate!

Chocolate Mousse Cake was the chocolate mousse between the layers of chocolate fudge cake. It was covered in a rich chocolate ganache and hazelnut praline. This was so chocolicious and we actually licked clean the chocolate left on the plate.

Black & Tan was actually new on the menu (seven months ago. unsure if they added on or deleted this from the menu). It was the moist dark chocolate cake coated with tangy cream cheese froasting. And finally topped and decorated with chocolate chips. The cream cheese frosting was quite a refreshing one and went well with the dark chocolate cake.

Guess I had a wonderful, Lovely Chocolicious Sweet Lunch.

Here is the end of my Memorable Birthday 09 celebration. There will be more in upcoming years (I hope). See you then, for another Memorable Birthday in 2010. Muacks!~

Friends, best-ies… you all know what to do lar. Nyek-nyek-nyek-nyek


Little Inbox said...

Wah, you really have the marathon birthday celebration!

Rebecca Saw said...

yeah man...wht a blast! ya do hv some very good frens ;) !!

Big Boys Oven said...

hahahha now we are wondering how come with all those desets, you don't seem to put on any weight! lol!

Anonymous said...

i love the blueberry cheese cake at DOME

email2me said...

Wah you celebrate your birthday real hardcore..... respect ....

iamthewitch said...

Hey girl! Nice meeting you the other day too! We should come out some day for more makan! The cakes look DELICIOUS! Never thought of Dome as a cake place. LOL Usually go there for their main courses!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Look like your Birthday 2009 is full of makan and fun, lucky you..

Wilson Ng said...

7 months ago! back log until so geng! respect!

Taufulou said...

dahsyat nyer..
so many part of bday post!

~Christine~Leng said...

this showed miss AiWei has lots of great frens! I so jealous lo dear!! ;P

ai wei said...

little inbox,
final episode d. no more bday celebration... wait til next year lar. :)

hehe, i love my friends a lot!!!

em... i got put up weights le. after all, the stress bring them out. but then the more stress i faced, the more desserts i eat, and then the fatter i m lar...
dunno what i am writing now. haha

simple girl,
i think i tried the blueberry cheese cake before. a great one.


ai wei said...

it was a pleasant eat out that day. but then din really get to chat with you. hope to have more outing soon near future ... :)

a great one this year but next year maybe not that much lor...

wilson ng,
now only have a little time to arrange all these ma...

no more liao lor. this is the last part :)

but you were not here with me this year. dun care. next year must together celebrate. wahahahaha :)
glad to have you guys around, dear.

Anonymous said...

hai there..hurm,i found several blogs and they have negativw comments towards Dome Cafe @ KLCC..I've been there before and yeah the food served to me were awesome..but their service was quite slow..their cheffs are damn good looking hahaha even my friend fell in love with 1 of the cheff hehehe..

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