Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Memorable Birthday 09 Part 2: Kampachi @ Pavilion KL

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*Note: this is a 7-month-ago story*

On the Real day, I had the birthday celebration with Wen Ching and Ting Fang. They are my best-ies since we were seven years old. All Three of us love Japanese Food a lot. Hence, I suggested a lunch in Kampachi at Pavilion KL.

The environment is bright and cozy and the atmosphere is quiet. Here is a great place for lunches or dinners with friends and family; and a perfect place for either Japanese fine dining or their bento(s).

Unlimited refills of Hot Ocha allow you and your friends to have the seats throughout the long afternoon.

We had Bento as our main courses.

1. Tokubetsu Bento is the special lunch box with Grilled Black Cod Fish Teriyaki and Mixed Tempura with Cold Handmade Soba.

2. Soba and Chirashi set is the soba noodles with Deep Fried Prawn and Raw Fish on Rice.

3. Unadon and Salmon Sashimi set is the Grilled Eel on Rice with Salmon Sashimi.

Each set comes with smooth silky chawan mushi made of steams eggs with slices of mushroom and ginkgo is hidden as though the treasure buried beneath the soil.

Besides that, each set comes with fruits as desserts.


In my view, a meal is not considered perfect without desserts. Though we were very full after the large set of bento, Girls like us always have extra storage in the stomach to take up the desserts.

We ordered the Abekawa Mochi which is available only at weekend.

It is the welknown nuts powder based Mochi for more than 30 years by Kampachi Equatorial. It tasted almost similar to those Mua Chee from night market. However, there were differences too. The Mochi was chewy and chewier than those Mua Chee. They were really generous serving a mountain of nuts powders. We loved the nuts powders a lot as they were really fragrant and crunchy.

Thanks for the hang out, best-ies. Muacks~

Kampachi @ Pavilion KL
Lot 6.09.00, Level 6,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21489608


Anonymous said...

the japanese version of mua chee looks interesting !!!

Big Boys Oven said...

Awesome way to celebrate! :)

ai wei said...

i like muachee a lot. the jap version of muachee is slightly more chewy than the chinese version we had. still, it's lovely and garnished with lots of peanuts dust.

yep, especially with best friends! ^^

Unknown said...

i love the mochi too! heard that they use special peanut powder from japan :p

Rebecca Saw said...

Happy err..REALLY BELATED birthday?? Hehe

ck lam said...

Can't wait to try those high class Mua Chee. Sure nice to celebrate your birthday in so many places.

xin said...

yumm the jap food reminds me of the prince hotel jap food!

p/s: u look stunning in the pic!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Flor (floreshayes@gmail.com)

~Christine~Leng said...

miss Kampachi! and love their mochi!! dear... u shud try their buffet! gosh... made me think of it now!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Good recommendation, I might want to try it later, my family members all are Japanese food lover. Price there OK kah?

ai wei said...

ya i supposed. can't remember how is the taste d. but it was kinda special. and the mochi loaded with lots of peanut dust

hahaha. thank you. maybe another advance happy birthday??? hehehe

ck lam,
have a try. but i think it is only available during weekend :)

thanks :)
hahaha, i love the outing we had that night :)

ai wei said...

Flores Hayes,
thanks thanks but it was 7 months ago :P

really really? do they still have buffet now??? huh... i am craving for jap food liao...

hmmm, how to say ler... the price for a lunch bento ranged from RM 40 to RM 60++ for my bento set no2 soba and chirashi set, it is priced at RM 45 like that if not mistaken. we were very full after the lunch and hor... they taste superbbbb!

Sugar Bean said...

@.@ The first thing I noticed is, why do we all look so flat in the photo? Did you do something to it? Haha! Yeah, the dessert was nice, miss it so much, wanna return for more? I'm always on stand by here. ^^

minchow said...

Happy Belated Birthday! How YOUNG are you now? :-D Mochi looks superb!!

Reanaclaire said...

what a meal! my girl will love this.. the other day, i tried the noodles..it was cold, with ice cubes on it.. sort of tasteless.. hahaha.. i dont know what to do with it.. maybe used to eating noodles with hot soup instead of cold.. anyway, i love the sushi!

foodbin said...

even the Bento set looks more refined.

cariso said...

Hmm...this Kampachi looks 'nicer' than penang one uh?!

ai wei said...

sugar bean,
huh... i din do anything to the photo wor.just original placed up here. i resized it only. yaya, when is next? i wan fukuya!!! when are you free again???

550ml jar of faith,
hehehehe... i wan to be as young as 18 forever!!! >__<
between, the mochi is nice and very very very chewy!

oooh, as for cold cha soba or soba, they will provide you like the soy sauce-liked soup (+ green chopped leeks) for you to dip in. it will be not as strong or thick hot soup as we have normally :)

the bento are well prepared and made finely. love it!

huh? is it??? this was my first time in kampachi. i love it. where is the one located in penang???

choi yen said...

U can finish all the food in the bento? It seem to be many food in it!!!

ai wei said...

yeah, there is a lot in the bento. we spent some times to finish them up by eating slowly. :)

daphne said...

haha.. of course we have extra space for desserts! that's a must!

that's a very belated post Aiwei- which counts for a very belated 7mths late happy birthday greeting too! LOL

ai wei said...

oh hahaha, this is my so called memory recall for my birthday lor. so much sorry for the late post...

ehehehehe, guess i have to speed up my writing liao hor?!

Simon Seow said...

Still haven't try Kampachi Pavilion yet. Loads of debt T_T

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