Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bye Bye 22, Hello 23…

I never know...
They brought me surprises and put me into serious insomnia
On this Birthday.

This year’s birthday is the greatest ever.
For the past 5 years, I did not have whole cake to blow off.
But this year, I have 2 big whole cakes and 6 little small ones.

Candle blowing is special for me.
However, it can be happy can be sad.

As it is a real wonderful celebration.
As your friends remember you
And send up their greatest and best wishes.

As I have to say
BYE 22, HELLO 23.

This year
I wish to…
Graduate fast and graduate soon!!!
I wish…
Everyone stay happy and stay cheerful!
I wish…
Everyone stay healthy and wealthy!

2009 Birthday Part 1 with Khee and Yen

2009 Birthday Part 2 with WenChing and TingFang

2009 Birthday Part 3 the Surians – RuChi, YeeMeng, Eu Wye, Eldred, WengJian, WengHo, KenSon

Thanks to all of you, my friends!!! Thanks for all the lovely gifts and wishes and surprises!
Thank you very muchie.


Little Inbox said...

Happy Birthday, Ai Wei!

Precious Pea said...


guaz_伟俊 said...

happy birthday~
stay happy~ healthy n pretty 4ever~

ekeng said...

Happy Birthday to you again~~~

ai wei said...

little inbox,
precious pea,

thanks to you all very very muchieee!~

~Christine~Leng said...

So sad I wasn't there with u for your big 23 celebration ;(

Can't wait to meet u girls again!! :)

I'm busy these days... lab lab lab everyday from 9 to 5 :(
exhausting lo ;P

Hope u had a great one dear! muacks

ai wei said...

i miss you a lot!!! thanks dear. thanks for the lovely pressie as well.

finally you are back from your trip, how is it? must be really great!

my class starting from next week ler. also from morning til 6pm. lagi worse. sobz

we must add oil lor!!!

wmw said...

Happy Birthday once again...and Happy New Year!

mel^^mel said...

belated one... ^^ Happy Birthday... hugssss...

ling239 said...

Happy Belated Birthday ~ ^_^

Phooi Fun said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! wishing u all the best n may all ur dreams come true~

ai wei said...

thank you very muchieee

mei^^mei & ling239,
thanks thanks thanks...
thanks for the wishessss

thank thank thanksss for the wishes!
how are u getting lately???
heard ching said, u are working ler?! and you guys are busy til not able to meet her up...

kampungboycitygal said...

happy bday aiwei..whens our date again? u owe me one :(

ai wei said...

oppps, i must admit... i owe u one


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