Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 'Niu' Year!


Happy Chinese New Year!
Wishing all of you,
a prosperous, wonderful, healthy, wealthy and memorable new year!

Moo Moo~


vkeong said...

Gong Hei Fatt Choy :D

Live2Talk said...

May the golden ox brings you much joy and happiness in discovering something yummy to eat, good health and best of life can offer =^..^=

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Ai Wei!

ai wei said...

gong hei gong hei!

thank you thank you.
same to you as well!
may you have a wonderful new year ahead!!!

happy chinese new year!

lyrical lemongrass,
happy happy chinese new year to you too!

squall said...


~Christine~Leng said...

Happy NIU Year to u dear! Our year! yay :) Get lotsa Ang Paos and share it with me k?

ai wei said...


ai wei said...

happy Moo Moo year! bet you will be really happy with this year right? all the mooMoo around.

by the way, no sharing with my AngPows, k?! cz i still need to visit those 'treasure' shopsss with all my AngPows. hehehe. ur mum will save a lot for u lar, no worries. hehehe

babe_kl said...

Hi thanks for the wishes. May the year of Ox bring you all the happiness, good fortune, health and prosperity you wish for.

ai wei said...

same to you same to you!
wishing Ox year bring you best of luck and may you have a wonderful n memorable year ahead!~


mimid3vils said...

Happy Niu Year!!!

ai wei said...

gong hei fatt choi!~

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