Friday, September 16, 2011

Chee Cheong Fun @ Restoran You Lee, Taman Connaught, Cheras

Besides the Dai Be Steamed Fish that is located inside the You Lee Kopitiam, there is another good stuff to try out - the chee cheong fun from the stall that tucked in one corner end in this kopitiam 

ccf stall

This stall owner (the uncle) is very patience in preparing every plates of chee cheong fun. He will flip open the chee cheong fun and lay them flat; then add a little sesame oil and chop them horizontally to create the kuey teow-liked noodles. Finally top it with the sauce and garnish with the fragrant toasted white sesame. 

ccf with chilli sauce and sweet sauce

White silky smooth chee cheong fan drenched with homemade black sweet sauce (tim zheong) and home-grinded chilli sauce. Toss-toss everything together to create a well balanced flavour in every strand of chee cheong funI find their CCF is quite addictive and will have it at least once a week for breakfast or lunch. Slurrrp Slurrrp... 

ccf with chilli sauce and soy sauce

If you don't fancy tim zheong, you can try this version of chee cheong fun which is drizzled with chilli sauce and soy sauce. Not to forget the pickled green chilli that go great with the chee cheong fun, this plate of CCF is something my mum loves. 

ccf with curry

Besides sauces, there is the curry version of chee cheong fun too; comes loaded with curry and tofu bok and fried pig skin. Hmmm, taste similar to curry kuey teow as the chee cheong fun has soaked up the curry sauce. Bear in mind that the curry version is quite limited in quantity. Do come earlier if you wish to try their curry chee cheong fun.

If you find having chee cheong fun only is kinda plain, you can always hop over the opposite stall and order yourself some yong tau fu


It is a public holiday today!!!
Happy Malaysia Day and have a great weekend ahead :)


Chee Cheong Fun
Restoran You Lee
Taman Connaught
Located at the same row with Domino's Pizza and Restoran Sun Ming (famous for the roasted duck); Restoran You Lee will be at the corner end. 


Baby Sumo said...

Got "wu tao ko"?

Pureglutton said...

i love CCF with pickled green chillies - very Ipoh-style!

Chris said...

tHIS Is one of my favourite..

J2Kfm said...

Good to see a CCF stall in KL that does not sell theirs with YTF to cover up the generic rice noodles (mass-produced). Or, at least I hope this uncle's version is based on the merits of the sauces and the noodles alone.

Ciki said...

Great choice!! Love the food here;)

ai wei said...

baby sumo,
emmm, no wor, no 'wu tao ko' here

hehe, me too me too and drench the CCF with lots of sauce.


yep, the homemade tim zheong and chili sauce are the STARS! and the way the owner chops and makes the rice noodles into silky smooth kuey-teow-liked CCF is different than the others


Jobless Girl said...

Hmm.. looks great.

Anonymous said...

Oh My...I like this type of chee cheong fun. curry plus with the pickled chili. so difficult to get these days...

Eat Only Lar! said...

I want! Bring me there next time when we're around your area! How come never heard of this from you before one? =)

ai wei said...

yaaaa, most of them come with others stuff, no solely on CCF

come to my house, i bring you for this chee cheong fun. simple but nice

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