Saturday, September 03, 2011

Royal Vietnam @ Starhill Gallery

Royal Vietnam is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant; serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine with a fine dining concept, has just opened its door about 2 months ago in Starhill Gallery. They are specializing in the royal cuisine that was once created for kings and queens in Vietnam. Besides that, their Chef consultant was the personal chef of some Vietnamese VVIPs!!!





The ambiance was rather grand; decorated with classy wooden furniture and colourful Vietnamese silk lantern; dimly lit to create a posh-feel. The waitresses were dressed prettily in Áo Dài while the waiters were dressed in their traditional costume too.

Thanks to Royal Vietnam for the lovely evening, I had an opportunity to experience the Vietnamese culture as well as the find royal food presentation and crafting. 


Flying Dragon Salad


Dragons were beautifully crafted out of carrots while the body consisted of prawn salad. 
Oh by the way, dragon (like us Chinese) is considered as one of the lucky animals to the Vietnamese. 



Phoenix Dance Sausage.
Peacock inspired dish. The feather tails were made out of salted egg rolls. 


Pomelo salad


Fried Rice in Turtle Shape
Turtle is another lucky animal too.


Vietnamese Deep Fried Spring rolls presented in the Mighty Cock way. 


Roasted Chicken stuffed with meatloaf 


Pho bo dac biet, the beef noodles soup is something not to be missed. The bowl of silky flat noodles was loaded with lots of beef slices, beef balls and covered with flavourful broth. Add in some chili padi to give an extra kick to your bowl of noodles. 


And finally, we ended our meal with a cup of aromatic Vietnamese Dripped Coffee. Yummm...

Royal Vietnam
Starhill Feast Gallery,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6 03 2143 9778

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Baby Sumo said...

Wow the dragon is so beautifully crafted...

Anonymous said...

The place is really so high-class.. Not to mention that their ambiance is real good that I tot you really went to Vietnam but every one of their dishes is also well-garnished.. Such amazing work of art:)

Nikel Khor said...

THe place look classy

Rebecca Saw said...

The food is all great work of art! Loved it when I tasted in at their opening mths back. How's the pricing?

天王之子 said...


若水 said...

every dishes look like art-piece, must be very expensive.

Eat Only Lar! said...

Nice photos! Looks like a posh Vietnamese place! So thoughtful of them to craft the food into the shape of animals. Ah, you're making me hungry!

ai wei said...

baby sumo,
amazing, right???

yea, this place is looking posh and grand. and their works are so fine.

nikel khor,
posh too!

love their works
but i am not sure about their pricing...

ai wei said...


their art and craft are fine and these are served during their opening.
however, i am not really sure with their recent menu and pricing.
sorry bout that

thanks, but the photo not good enough, toooooo dark arrr...

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