Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Yogurt Sponge Cup Cakes

It's Party Time and i must say, this is best as the party's desserts!!!


Yogurt Sponge Cup Cake

This is a very easy recipe that i came across from Sonia's blog (Nasi Lemak Lover). It is very simple, easy and takes you less than an hour to do the things. The best thing is - The yogurt Sponge cake is extremely spongy, moist and fluffy!!! besides that, it is very light and soft, not oily and not overly sweet.


During this CNY, i baked 3 batches for family and friends. glad that they had nothing to complain about this :)

I love this recipe very much. After baking, the cake did shrink a little but it won't collapse. It remained where it used to be.


I too decorated them with chocolate ganache and peach cuts (to attract the little cousin :P).


Fancy some spongy and moist texture of sponge cake???
Do have a try and i bet you will love it.

Yogurt Sponge Cup Cakes (make 16 to 18 cups)
(Recipe credits to Sonia)


4 medium egg yolks
10g castor sugar

4 medium egg whites
60g castor sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

120g natural flavour yogurt
70g superfine flour
10g corn flour
40g corn oil


1) Beat egg yolks and sugar until thicken and appears in pale yellowish colour. Add in yogurt and mix well. add in corn oil and mix it well with the batter.
2) Add in the sieved dry ingredients (flour) into the batter and mix well.
3) Beat the egg white and cream of tartar until foamy. Gradually add in sugar and continue to beat the egg white until fluffy and soft peak form.
4) Mix the 1/3 of the egg whites mixture into the egg yolk batter. finally add in the remaining egg white mixture into the batter and mix it evenly with a spatula.
5) Spoon the batter into the pretty cups.
6) finally, bake the cup cakes in pre-heated oven at 160c for 25 minutes.

Thanks to Sonia for this Yummy recipe!

You may love to view Bitter Sweet Flavour too for her round yogurt sponge cake decoration :)


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I almost I have this recipe, hahaha! so long did not bake this, keep trying with new recipes. Good idea to decorate with chocolate granache and peach. Glad you like this recipe.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

correction ! I almost forgot I have this recipe.

Ciki said...

man, these are the healthier option right to cupcakes? LOL, still looks mighty sinful!

Anonymous said...

nice....thanks for sharing the recipe..i m sure ur little cousins enjoyed them!!!

ai wei said...

thanks for sharing up this recipe. we love it a lot. especially those little cousins, once served, booooossttttt, all gone. so happy. hahaha :)

yeppp, i do agree. this is a healthier way to have cup cakes due to the presence of yogurt :)

have a try. this is a very easy recipe and you will love the fluffy texture. :) and yes, my little cousins love them a lot!!!!!! <3

email2me said...

Good for gals who love cupcakes minus the fats!

choi yen said...

I wish I have time to do this, really long time didn't touch my oven dy... :(

Anonymous said...

Nice cup cakes there! Looks very delicious indeed.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

It looks great!!!

Swee San said...

nice!! seems similar to a chiffon cake.. yumm

~Christine~Leng said...

when's our turn to help u sample ah dear??

ai wei said...

yepppp! agree :P

hehehe, time to re-heat the oven lor :)

thanksss :) have a try too ya

ai wei said...

somewhere in singapore,
thanksss :)
do have a try too

swee san,
yaya, very similar to chiffon. love the texture a lot

anytime dear. hehehe, this one can be done at anytime :P when is our outing ar :P

iamthewitch said...

Wow, nice work! I just got an oven as a gift from friend, and this seems like the perfect recipe to kick start my baking adventure! LOL!

ai wei said...

soooo nice!!! then time to get the oven to heat up lor... huat ya!!! LOLs, i am hoping to get a new oven ar ><

tracieMoo said...

Thanks for the link, Ai Wei!
Yogurt cakes are really yummy right?
You just sent me a reminder telling me that I promised myself to bake this again!

ai wei said...

you are welcome, tracieMoo.

i love this recipe a lot and thanks for sharing up! love the soft, fluffy texture of the spongy cakes <3

Anonymous said...

Hello, I really love ur cake and thanks for sharing. Actually I m newto baking, there are some ingredient that I don't understand, hope u can help me

1.is the corn oil same as the normal oil use in cooking?

2. On the top, there is chocolate, may I know what brand is it? Normally the chocolate that I bought, after melt it cannot have shape.

Hope u can help, thnaks.

ai wei said...

hi anonymous/choiyee,
i have replied you through the mail :) hope the tips may help ya ^^

happy baking~

Anonymous said...

Hai i really like to try this but can i using steam method other than using oven?

Anonymous said...

hai i really like to try this yogurt cup cakes, but can i use steam method?

ai wei said...

hi anonymous,
i have yet to try steam bake method. but u can try. :) guess it will be very soft fluffy-liked

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