Monday, March 22, 2010

Smokehouse @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru

You fancy some real appetizing Thai cuisine but the others wish to have palatable western cuisine.
You argue and fight for your rights. Well, you don't have to now as there is a place where you can have both Thai and Western cuisine!

It was a warm noon after a long holiday. The Couples dragged me over to sample some authentic Thai food and toothsome western cuisine cum a lavish English afternoon tea from Smokehouse. Thanks to Dennis, the manager of Smokehouse for having us over :)


Smokehouse at Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru.

photo credits to Brought up 2 Share

1. Cozy Ambiance


Here, very homely English filled environment; well furnished and decorated into an English atmosphere. With the dim light, it creates a cozy dining area where I don't feel as though I was in a restaurant.




2. Starters & Appetizers


Mieng Kam (RM 15). The well prepared cone shape leaves with filled up ingredients such as roasted peanuts, unpeeled lime, dried shrimps, chopped ginger and onions.... top up with the sambal or chili padi for real kick of taste.


Grilled Mushroom with White Wine Sauce (RM 15) - the aromatic mushroom with special white wine sauce.


Chor Ladda (RM 15) is something pretty elegant in lilac colour. The lilac flower shaped dumpling stuffed with flavourful minced chicken is something unforgettable.


Poo Nim Tod (RM 18) - the deep fried soft shell crab. Never forget to have this crispy bite with their appetizing chili sauce.

3. Main Courses


Chicken & Mushroom Pie (RM 28) - the buttery puff pastry 'hat' with real creamy rich mushroom soup and lots of chicken chunks in the soup.


You will love it and the serving like this is good for sharing. The chicken and mushroom pie is come with mash potatoes and fresh veges.


Roast Sirloin Steak with Yorkshire Pudding (RM 38)


Beef Wellington (RM 48)


Grilled Cod Fish (RM 38)


Roast Lamb Shank (RM 32) with strong hint of herbs and orange peels


Signature Thai Style Fried Rice.


"Go Vintage with the ladies

4. Beer


3 pints of Hoegaarden.
Do you know that beers are 'guai lou herbal tea'?! Best on this kind of hot and warm weather.

you will find them having all day happy hour in Smokehouse.

5. Desserts


Bombe Alaska (RM 28) is a special dessert with cherries, cut fruits and shortcake buried within the meringue and finally pour in with the fired up brandy.


The flamed up dessert is pretty!


Mango Sticky Rice
The extraordinary about this is the fragrant sticky rice! Even we were studded up with all the mains and starters; we managed to finish this as well!!!
The Mango Sticky Rice = Superb!!!

We love these desserts a lot :)

6. English High Tea


The tiers afternoon high tea set comes with delicious scones, pretty cake and petite sandwiches. Let's enjoy the high tea set + cuppa of English Tea or aromatic coffee.

Come and enjoy a day of being English Yourself :)

ps. sorry for the poor quality of the photos ...

The Smokehouse
67, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 22881510
Business Hours:
Weekdays from 11am to 12am
Weekends from 11am to 2am
(located next to Chawan & Madam Kwan's)


email2me said...

Wow such a nice environment and foods

Christina Kim said...

This is really a LOVELY place and the food just looks so enticing that you make me wanna make a trip there immediately ;)

Miu said...

Zomg nice pictures lah! Y say sorry??

The bomb Alaska intrigues me n I haven't tried the Thai appetiZers yet!!!

Unknown said...

c the food feel like burping dee haha. we were so full

iamthewitch said...

The steak looks so thick and meaty! *drools* And the cod fish too! Ah.. salivating now... :P

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The mango is so tempting...

foodbin said...

those chor lada are soooo special.

choi yen said...

Bombe Alaska looks like landing UFO =.="

uLi.佑莉 said...

The Chor Ladda looks interesting, nice nice :D You guys whack alot too ya :D

ai wei said...

yes it is. smokehouse serves a pretty and wonderful on both food and environment.

you should really spend some time for a visit to smokehouse. it's a very english-filled place with really good food prepared by the great chef :)

aw... i do feel they are not as good as weizhi's and christine's one ><
next time try on thai appetizers. aw... miss the bombe alaska and the hot piping scones a lot!!!

lols, i do agree with you.
we burrrps and burrrps-ed that day

ai wei said...

the cod fish is finely selected and match with really good one with the tartar sauce.

somewhere in singapore,
yes, but the rice underneath the mango lagi best :)

yes, and pretty too :)

lolsss, haha, i never thought of that. but it was quite special and deeeeeeeeelicious

yes, chor ladda is very special. seldom can see any thai place serving this. maybe due to the difficulties in preparing and shaping i think. :)
we were super full that day XD

minchow said...

Ooh more Thai than Western, it seems... which is fine by me! Love the look of the Chor Lada too. Oh and Christine's dress!

Rebecca Saw said...

wht a funny name for the cuisine they serve!

ai wei said...

there are equally good stuff from the thai and western range. and yes, i love her dress too!!!

oO, funny name? not really lar as some are in Thai and some in english :)

Chris said...

‘It's rea;;y look like a house more than a restaurant..

Ciki said...

we've only been here for drinks.. but the food looks good:)

ai wei said...

yes, i agree. i felt homely when i was there :)

must try their food next time ya

ohmywtf said...

ah...its freaking morning and i just had to bump into ur food post! So hungry and cranky!! :-P

~Christine~Leng said...

really love the food here :) yummy!

Carrie Tai said...

all nice foods! i miss shopping at bangkok!

lechua said...

saw this passing by telawi. is it the same as the smokehouse in cameron highlands?
the flaming Bombe Alaska looks good!

Mei Sze said...

Thanks for a good write up and pics! heading there now:)

ai wei said...

mei sze,
hope you will like the food here :)

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