Monday, March 29, 2010

娟姐客家罗面&咖喱面 Hakka Loh Mee & Curry Mee @ Taman Putra Budiman

Gems are always hidden.

And this little gem is even hard to find out. Not until Chris&Christine brought me over, I would have never get to know this place for their good Hakka Loh Mee. Of course, you can get good Loh Mee elsewhere and the great one will be in Ulu Yam. But if you have a sudden hunger after it, you won't have to drive all the way to Ulu Yam.

Here, a nearer place for you to drop by and get satisfied with a bowl of Loh Mee


This small stall is run by Kuen Jie (娟姐) the lady boss and the homely recipe are come from her.



Hakka Loh Mee (客家罗面)
The must-try item here - Thick bouncy Loh Mee with generous portion of ingredients were prepared in the flavoursome gravy.
Price: RM 4 (small); RM 4.50 (big).

The portion above is meant for 2-3 pax.


Curry Mee (咖喱面)
Curry mee that served with Char Siew, cockles, fried wantan and fried bean curd in tempting curry broth.
Price: RM 3.50 (small); RM 4 (big)


Besides these, she also serves pork noodles too!!!

Love some homely Hakka Noodles?! Here is your place.

娟姐客家罗面咖喱面 Kuen Jie Hakka Loh Mee & Curry Mee
16, Jalan Budiman 2/2,
Taman Putra Budiman,
43200 Balakong,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 012-6240001 / 012-3809085
Buseness Hours: 5.30pm to 11pm



Ciki said...

very good! i live hakka mee. i like my noodles a bit rougher and with lots of that mince pork and chee yau char on top!

iamthewitch said...

Wah there's a whole egg on the mee! So nice! Can't wait to try it out :)

Taufulou said...

ehh, looks pretty good and nearby my company area..can curi my colleague go there makan d~

ai wei said...

lols, i love chee yau char on it too! fragrant and yummy :)

:) and it is only available at night

it's only available from evening onwards ya

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The foods there is so tempting...

choi yen said...

i don't like loh mee but recently i discovered a loh mee that suite my tastebud!!!

*Small~Boar* said...

whee~~~ nice =) love nice hawker stall food. A good change of the fancy restaurants, feels very chinese when the place is BISING... haha =) the Loh Mee looks nice *drooling*

uLi.佑莉 said...

Ok wor...reasonable price :)

superwilson said...

Balakong! New venture. The hakka mee so recommended, shall u bring me there?

ai wei said...

somewhere in singapore,
the loh mee is great! <3

which one u found is suit too ur tastebuds?

small boar,
this loh mee is good and priced reasonably too! i love chinese hawker food ^^

yep, it is

lols, i must admit, till now, i still dunno how to get to this place. kakaka.
eh, we must go try out the satay chris&christine highly recommended one :) at balakong!!!

Christina Kim said...

I don't think I will know either had you not share about it in your blog =P

Looks like an interesting and old school kind of stall =)

choi yen said...

@ Menjalara, Kepong which is quite famous for it's Sek Jau Loh Mee

~Christine~Leng said...

we shall plan a revisit! and second round: satay rosley! yum yum

ai wei said...

lols, i dun even know there is the existence of this place if my frens did not bring me over!!!

thanks and noted. kepong very far but wish to explore somedays :)

i wan that satay so badly dearrrrrrr... u guys have tempted me soooo muchie

J2Kfm said...

Uh, me not a fan of Loh Mee anyway. Curry Mee might do the trick.

Unknown said...

I love hakka noodles, I'll go there straight away now. Bye !

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