Monday, July 20, 2009

ShenZhen09 Day 4 Lunch:缪氏川菜

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We had Sze Chuan Meal at 缪氏川菜 on my day 4 of visiting. Talking about Sze Chuan dishes, ones always think of red, orange, red chilies oil, chilies and dried chilies!!! Besides the hot and spicy, they do actually serve sourish food that can boost up your appetite.

缪氏川菜 is well decorated in that oldish way, giving you a real Chinese atmosphere and create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for dining. The wall is painted in red and lanterns are here and there, hanging from the ceiling.

It was super pack with OL and office staffs while we were there as it was lunch time.

Once seated, we were served with 2 appetizers

The dried sliced bean curd on the left and the radish pickles on the right.

The china they used is quite classy. I love the menu from this kind of restaurants. The menus they printed are thick and glossy as though the wedding photo albums.

川北凉粉 (cold dish) was the most appetizing of all. It was served in cold, loaded with some XO-liked sauce and chopped leeks.

藕丸 (sorry that I can’t remember the full name) were the finely chopped lotus roots and make into dough-liked with minced meat. Shape into balls, Fried and served with the sourish sauce. I think I had almost half the plate of this.

Cabbage was cooked in quite a different way. There were gei-zi(s) in it.

Finally here came the fish (can’t remember the name too). This was super large in portion where 3 of us (me, sis and friend) couldn’t really finish!

Look, how large the bowl is when compared with the normal size spoon?!

Fish slices were well prepared, cooked in a more salty and spicy way. Best with a bowl of rice.

Burrrp, it was super full and after that, we shopped in 西武 and 中心城市广场 which is just located nearby where we had our lunch.


choi yen said...

The floating oil quite scary~~

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I feel so hungry after see all these photos, hahaha..I got an idea here to cook cabbage in difference way, add gei zi, look interesting.

xin said...

O_o did u get tummyache after eating it?

ai wei said...

haha, szechuan cuisine is like that. red chillies oil, spicy and sour food are their main.

kekeke, after you tried, let me know how it is ya?! gei zi with cabbage! sounds fun!

yep i was. super full and i had to carry my tummy while walking. aiks... food portions are huge in those chinese restaurant!

cariso said...

The fish looks sooo red = spicy uh>!

若水 said...


Jason said...

That's a spicy fish soup is it? It looks quite similar to the ones I had at Pudu

ai wei said...

it was indeed spicy and salty. it is loaded with lots of hot chillies oil!!!


oO. it is not a fish soup as it is too oily for drinking. i am not too sure the one in Pudu. but, guess they have differences?!

Alexander said...

The interior decorations of this place is really nice. The food very tasty, wish I could sink I teeth into it.

Alex's World! -

Shell (貝殼) said...

Szechuan's cuisine is quite suitable to me cos i like sour & spicy food~

squall said...

why so many nice food one...i think i should plan my holiday and go for nice food and shop...hehe

HairyBerry said...

yeah, i realised that there are many szechuan restaurants in shenzhen. good stuff! was the spicy soup numbing?

superwilson said...

I found u!

Anyways, nice meeting u even though we din chat :(

I will link u tomolo, going out 4 event and food review till late tonite...


Food looks good... hungry de...

daphne said...

Wah..that's alot of spicy food there! But oh soooo mouth watering! even though i'm not well, i feel like eating those food now! hahaa.

ai wei said...

yeah, the interior and deco are sooo chinese. love the wall painted in red too!

just like thai and malaysian, we all love spicy and sourish food!

you should you should. it will be great if u knew someone there, coz can really ask them be the tour guide, bring you to have those authentic, delicious but cheap food.

nic (khkl),
that fish, wasn't a soup cz covered with a layer of chillies oil. the fish was spicy and salty.

it was super nice too meet you yesterday! :)
will link u while i am free too! so great to see you and the other food blogger as well :)

haha, i drooled while i wrote this too. aiks, miss shenzhen's food a lot!

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