Friday, June 06, 2008

The Farewell for Her ~

7 is an odd number.
7 is someone’s lucky number.
There are 7 days in a week

But, how can 3 + 1 = 7?!
Initially, 3 + 1 = 4
But I can make 3 + 1 = 7
We can make 3 + 1 = 7.

3 couples + me = 7
(Me, Chris & Christine, KampungboyCitygal, Sugar Bean)

That’s us; the 7 of us had a small little farewell gathering for Christine at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant (다오래). We spent the whole evening until all the customers left the restaurant.
As usual, we were the last to leave.

7 of us at a long dining table with 2 BBQ (not pit but) pan.
Daorae serves a wide variety of Korean dishes which made our citygal dunno what to choose. And finally… we had……..

Vege to wrap up the BBQ-ed meat.

A variety of sauces --- the fragrant sesame oil, sweet soy sauce, and also the feremented bean sauce…

Honestly, our dining table started to get a little ‘busy and messy’ with all the side dishes and dishes placed on it.

Part of the side dishes. There were a lot more, but I could manage these much.

I like this the most but they said this was extremely sour for them. Hence, I sapu all.


Another side dish I like, The radish cubes.

The complimentary seaweed soup.

Gal-bi-tang which was the popular favorite mild and light beef rib soup served with rice. As for the taste, you have to ask those who can take beef --- all but not me and WenChing. From what they said, it was warm, it was nice and it tasted just right that could really soothe their empty stomachs!

I am a little blurry here and don’t know which is which now.

Sam-kyub-sal which was the thin slices of belly pork without marinade, served with seasoned sesame oil sauce.

Daeji Gal-bi, the choice pork ribs specially hand filleted, marinated in the house’s special sweet soy sauce

Dak-gal-bi, the lean skinless chicken fillets marinated in their hot chili sauce.

Yang-nyum Yang-go-gi came with choices of cuts lamb specially hand filleted, marianated in their house’s special sweet soy sauce. I adored it a lot! Yum~

Kimchi-jeon, the spicy, savory pancake comprising of kimchi tossed in light butter, pan fried to perfection. However, it was a little too thick and too floury for me.

Pa-jeon for us. It was very good in the thin slices and tasted great with the dipping sauce.

Kimchi Kong Na Mul Guk, the kimchi and bean sprout in dried Pollack meat soup served with rice. It was light and neither oily nor greasy. This is best for someone who doesn’t want their stomach to be burden up.

What’s more when dining with this bunch of lovely friends?! S-H-O-J-U for us! Yum Seng lar werrr

Happy farewell to our dearest Christine! ~

I said 3 + 1 = 7 but there are 8 people in the photo?! Yep, we bumped into ekeng. What a coincidence. He was having his dinner with his girl friends :P

The Korean BBQ Restaurant
Puchong Bandar Puteri Branch,
No. 27-1, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Selangor.


Unknown said...

Hi, I am Desmond from

I would like to invite you to join our food project. If you are interested, do contact me at info(at)malaysiamostwanted(dot)com so that I could fill you with more detail :)

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

AwesomeKoreanBBQ =)
I thought the best one is in
Seri Hartamas.But in Puchong also got!Lolx.=)

ai wei said...

yea, we discovered a korean BBQ in puchong and there are few branch of this daorae korean restaurantall over KL. of course, desa sri hartamas has few of the best korean restaurant!

Kent Fo said...

daorae was my favourite korean restaurant!!!! i like their cold noodles so much!!!


J2Kfm said...

so this Korean restaurant has SEVEN floggers all flocking and ranting? guess it's gotta be good ... :)
now, if only i can crawl my way over without getting lost

苹果 · Apple Teo said...

OMG, i m gonna try it one day...
^_^ hehe....thanks for introducing~ coz i m gonna work nearby, dono wat is nice to eat~

ai wei said...

cold noodles??? haha, i din know they serve cold noodles. gonna back for another round! thanks for introducing!

dun worry, u won't lost ur way if u follow the map directly. well, honestly, i dun even know how to go puchon as well. thanks for them begin my driver. haha

apple teo,
really? you gonna work there? what are you working as? there are a lot of nice eateries in puchong. so, you won't feel bored for having the same food everyday. there are a lot for u to choose!
happy working there!

choi yen said...

there is a branch at Kepong too...

Anonymous said...

oh...loot of yummy korean food...

ai wei said...

is it? thanks for the info!!!

yeahhh... it was a little busy and messy while we had our dinner. lots of yummy side dishes for us to refill n try out!

ling239 said...

so 3 +1 finally din add up to 7!! :p

Phooi Fun said...

yea, i like tis restaurant quite much too...the food is really not bad!!!

wmw said...

Hope you won't miss your good friend that much....What about you and your plans after your exam???

HairyBerry said...

wah, you young people really know how to have a good time, eh? no karaoke after that? love that korean kimchi tomyam kinda thingy lar! hehehe...

Precious Pea said...

Great food, great company, memorable meal! Guess you must be missing Christine oledi huh? *HUGS*

YOu also quick quick make 4 = 8 lah!

ai wei said...

phooi fun,
yeah, the food are nice. love to dine in here. best with friends!

thanks but i would miss her a lot more. Sobz*
after exam ar... maybe continue in working and then start my new semester in july. Thanks a lot! Hugz

nic (khkl),
sorry bout the singing k, can't join you guys that noon. i can 'feel' that u guys having a great time there!
i miss the dinner here a lot. it was great with all the well-marinated bbq-ed. Yum

precious pea,
Hugz* thanks a lot!
errr... about the 4 = 8... (LOL) *dreaming hopefully* but ....


anyway, 3+ 1 = 7 also quite fun!

PureGlutton said...

Hi ai wei, thanx for visiting my blog. I'm not really a fan of korean cuisine, but after your review of this place, i just may change my mind ;)

ekeng said...

it's so nice to bump with you guys that day..haha :)

Simon Seow said...

What? Ekeng having dinner with his girl friends? Lucky him. I dine here before, not bad. Next time will skip the pan cake because it's not that delicious and is too filling.

Anonymous said...

aih, miss christine so much

Unknown said...

Hey, wow so nice!! how mach is per penson?? next time can u 3+1+1( that is me). Thanks...

ai wei said...

you should make up your mind and pay a visit and you may find some suprise. no one knows. ^^

that's a big coincidence and we saw all your girl friends! ^^

simon seow,
ahhh... that kimchi pan cake is a bit floury for me but the pa-jeon was nice!

i miss her a lot!!! no shopping companion adi lar... sobzzz

brian moh,
this place quite nice. it's about rm30 per person and it's quite a worth cz we ate til stomach burst. haha

New Kid on the Blog said...

i know christine will know all of us will miss her.... in fact, i miss her food review.

ai wei said...

new kid on the blog,
haha~ not to worry, she will do a bit on her life in scotland and some scotland food review. those who love to visit scotland can make survey survey on her blog ^^

Sugar Bean said...

Wonder how's Christine doing now, gonna miss her so much! It was a really nice dinner. Remember the games that we had after dinner? Haha! It was so funny! Really fun hanging out with you guys! =)

~Christine~Leng said...

thx for the farewell dear!!
I miss all of u sooooo much!!!
I miss M'sian food seriously..

chubbybobo said...

the daorae still available at puchong? never tried korea food before,suggestion? still nice like before?^^

ai wei said...

hie, i think daorae is still in puchong. their bbq food are fantastic. you gotta have a try on this. :)

Haze said...

hi...can i know..there price expensive?? side food have refill?

Haze said...

hi...can i know..there price expensive?? side food have refill?

ai wei said...

i can't remember if refills are allowed but the price we paid is about 25 per pax :)

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