Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Simply snack

This would be a light post after all stressful days. Please forgive me if you found me not using really nice word to describe things. My brain works abnormally. Partly, it is greatly ‘damaged’ by the memorizing hard and partly, I need more rest.

While I was in Hartamas shopping centre, I found myself ‘treasure’ from Citi Super (I dun remember if spelled as City or Citi).

This Lotte Fondue is just Rm 2. (Sorry, I can’t read Korean. I guess Lotte Fondue is not the real name for this snack)

fancy the packing of Korean and Japanese products. They always have good printings, designs on the packing and that’s the way they ‘sell’ their products!

Café Latte Stick at the same price too. As compared to other supermarket, Citi Super offers some low-rate-items like Korean instant noodles, cookies.... at a great deal.

Another Lotte pineapple cream at just Rm 2.50.

Then while I was in Shojikiya, the Japanese Specialty store, I found this little cutie --- Snoopy Magnet. The staff put them on the must-go-out rack priced at Rm 2. I have them magneted on the fridge over my class schedule.

The month’s special, Organic green tea powder at… --- I forgot the price...
Anyway, I am now searching for recipe which I can use the powdered green tea.

いかピ一ナIka Peanut by Kasugai

This is what I love when I need a quick 2 minutes meal. Just pour the flakes over your white rice and mix. Fast, simple and easy.

Chelsea抹茶ミルク(matcha miruku) with カテキン (catechin) added and the right one yogurt scotch. Both are nice but I personally prefer the yogurt-flavoure candy. Priced at only Rm 2.90 which is 3ringgit cheaper than other supermarket.


Jimmy Tham said...

it's called citisuper la~ tell me if you are going there next time. will tell you which korean instant noodle and snack is good. btw~ the korean chilli paste for cooking is being sold at that place too.

Sugar Bean said...

Hehe, told you that the Chelsea yogurt is good right? I love it so much! The ika peanuts should be really good too! How'd the Korean snacks taste like?

So, have you decided on what to do with the macha powder?? :D

ai wei said...

thanks for that. haha, u sounds so familiar with hartamas there.

wenching & esiong,
ya, i love chelsea yogurt scotch very much! thanks for introducing. ika peanuts is very flavourful and the korean snacks ar... taste korean lo. hehe.

btw, i still hvnt find out what can i do with the powder lar.

s.kuan said...

omg... so nice! i don frequent hartamas but i'll go there and check it out. somemore so cheap wor...

New Kid on the Blog said...

you love junk food, huh??? :)

teckiee said...

The matcha miruku wrapper looks to sweet... i like the flowers

~Christine~Leng said...

thx for the recommendation of the yogurt candy! Love it soo much! Gonna go grab some again! hehe...
I like their packing really!

ai wei said...

hope you like it. other places like gardens also has shojikiya.

new kid on the blog,
aiks... bad habit on junk food right? but i still like them

yes... their wrappers and packing always nice. i love them too.

glad that you like it. the candy is very nice. and must store up more of yogurt candy. hehe

Precious Pea said...

I like the floral print on the last photo...yoghurt candy.

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