Saturday, October 01, 2011

Crumbs Frozen Yogurt


Crumbs has brought the frozen yogurt hype to Hong Kong citizens. It is now sprouting all over the island and their 8th branch has arrived in New Territories not long ago.

When Citygal and I were travelling in Hong Kong last year, we joined the queue at the Causeway Bay branch to get ourselves a cup of Crumbs. Yes, the queue... long queue are always spotted outside the small little shop. 


Various toppings are available for you to go with the frozen yogurt such as their signature house crumbs, mochi, mini meringue, oreo, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, M&Ms, gummy bear...............

Besides their yummy frozen yogurt, Crumbs also offers home-baked scones too! Flavours are such as cheese, raisin and chocolate (HKD 6 - 7 each)


We had the regular frozen yogurt with 1 topping (HKD 28). The large one with 2 toppings costs HKD 32. The frozen yogurt was smooth, very smooth, and with a light hint of sourish taste; it was creamier than the one we usually had. The plus point was the house signature topping - the crumbs!!! crunchy bits of crumbs with light cinnamon taste, and the crumbs tasted like those from the apple crumble!


Happily enjoying our Crumbs in Hong Kong!

The great news now is, I don't have to travel to Hong Kong to get my Crumbs!



Crumbs is now in Pavilion KL!!!
yahoooooooooooo :)

It is about 2 days old in Pavilion KL; well, probably 3 days old by now. 


Crumbs offer various selection of toppings. 


I didn't really notice what are the toppings available as I eyed on fresh blueberries and strawberries without second thoughts. :)

Priced at RM 12.90 for large size with signature house toppings - crumbs and additional of 2 toppings of your choice. The regular one is Priced at RM 11 with only one signature topping of your choice.



Of course, they offer scones too! Freshly bake from oven every 15 minutes with the flavours of Raisin, chocolate and cheese (priced at RM 2.90 each; minimum purchase of 3 pieces with any combination of the flavours). As I was too full to go for their scones, i sampled a little from the sampling tray. Love the crumbly buttery scones; will ta-pao (take away) them and pair it with coffee or tea for a perfect afternoon tea next time. 

By the way, I heard that their official launch in Pavilion KL is TODAY (1/10/11) !!! with lots of surprises :)

Crumbs (Causeway Bay)
Shop 1C, G/F, Central Mansion,
8 Cannon Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852-2793-9393

Crumbs (Pavilion KL)
P1.11.04, Level 1,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook Page: Crumbs Malaysia


ulric said...

Agree...will tapao d choco n cheese scones for ofis yumcha session :D

Kelvin said...

Looks so delicious~ Gonna check if there is any branch here in SG.

ai wei said...

hahaha, can't wait to go ta pao their buttery crumby scones.

oh oh, singapore dun have crumbs.
try it when u are in KL or hk :)

Punk Chopsticks said...

LOL FROZEN YOGURT! Is it always that expensive?? I tried going to Tutti Frutti once and found a hole burnt through my wallet. what gives???

Awesome pictures btw! I love your blog!

ai wei said...

punk chopsticks,
do agree with you. frozen yogurt thing dun come cheap.
lolx, i had the same experience as yours in Tutti Frutti too. over filled my froyo cup and there goes my wallet @@
well, i would say, this is really some once a while 'indulgence', same goes to ice cream :)

Eat Only Lar! said...

Haha, you're really fast! Can't believe you're posting it on the next day after you ate it. The crumbs are really nice though, love the cinnamon taste.

Anonymous said...

We love scones! Cant wait to try it! The frozen yogurt is a bit expensive though..

ai wei said...

lolx, not really fast lar, haha.
yeah, do love the cinnamon bits in the crumbs. yum.

yeah, i do agree with you. frozen yogurt dun come cheap these days. same goes to the other froyo brands

Christine said...

i wanna check this out dear! :)

J2Kfm said...

Wait, this is already cheap compared to Tutti Frutti. Maybe cannot compare portions since I have not tried Crumbs before, but TF was expensive, almost RM20 for a full serving.

Simon Seow said...

I saw one in Tsim Sha Tsui when I was in HK last month but I was always full when I passed by so didn't get to try one lol. Now I can go Pavilion and try kekeke.

ai wei said...

u guys like froyo boh??? go check it out!!!

i do not know how huge is full serving of tutti frutti but it definitely dun come cheap. while crumbs has something special that the others dun have - the crumbs! :)

simon seow,
haha, yeah, you can have it now in kl :)

mang0 said...

I tried it during their first day opening, mine was mango with wild berries and my hubby tried strawberries with blueberries, it's too delicious!

ai wei said...

glad that you love it :)
will share up more great stuff from time to time ^^

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