Friday, July 08, 2011

Birthday Celebration @ Yuzu Japanese Restaurant + Dessert's Bar, KLCC

Ahha, back log post.
I was supposed to post this up earlier. However, I was very busy to do the archive-clean-up in the previous months. 

January was one of the busiest months - with lots of birthday celebration to attend, spring cleaning and preparing for the Chinese New Year, bla bla bla bla... 

yuzu n dessert bar1

On my day in January, the besties had me over here; for 'our-once-a-year-tradition-birthday-celebration'. We wandered around KLCC and found that Nippon Tei has closed down and taken over by Yuzu Japanese Restaurant. Without thinking twice, we headed in.


Unagi Tofu Set (RM 36)
Deep fried tofu topped with unagi (Japanese eel)

yuzu n dessert bar

The set also consists of sashimi, pumpkin tempura, and small soba served with silky egg custard, appetizer, pickles, salad, fruits and tea pot soup


Mix fish Nabeyaki Udon (RM 26)
Thick wheat noodles with snapper, salmon, yellow tail, white tuna and fish noodles in clear soup.


Not much selection in their desserts menu, we then headed to Dessert's Bar for their Grape Cheese Cake - the signature from Dessert's Bar.
Dense and cheesy-licious backed cheese cake. Just ignore the 'old-looking-grape' decorated on top, they were still sweet.

yuzu n dessert bar3

What?! Only 2 mains for 3 girls?! Such small eaters?!
Nope, it was because one of them was not feeling well on the day. 
and this bestie has launched her new blog - Eat Only Lar! She is currently in Cardiff and her articles are mostly about travel and food around Cardiff and European countries. Feel Free to visit :)

Happy Weekend! ~


Eat Only Lar! said...

Haha, your birthday was in January and it's July now! Nice post on Yuzu, love the interior of the restaurant. And I love the cheesecake, would definitely go back for more!

Thanks for linking to my blog! Muaks! Can't wait to go back to makan with you! =D

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The foods is so tempting...

Nikel Khor said...

Sweet heart cake.. Nice..

Simon Seow said...

I've only been to Yuzu once. The Wagyu is damn nice. Put in mouth and melted.

iamthewitch said...

Oh I haven't been to Yuzu before but heard so much mixed reviews! Lovely birthday celebration dear! :) Happy Belated Bday! :)

ai wei said...

eat only lar!
lolx, owe me one :P
okay, my fault for not putting this up early. i am now having disk-cleaning. time to run through all archive and ... post them up :P

somewhere in singapore,

niker khor,
and very rich and healthy too!

simon seow,
this is my second time dinner-ing in yuzu. everything are good.
ahhh, wagyu... can never have them tasted. >.<

lolx, perhaps an advance wish? :P
you should give a try :) quite nice and refreshing one

Pureglutton said...

Oh, belated Birthday wishes to u, 6 months late?! Looks like u had a terrific outing with your besties! Lovely photos!

ai wei said...

haha, ermmm, no time to post mar. now is my archive cleaning session. :P

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