Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Market Hall @ Pavilion KL


Wooden picnic-liked table


In an old 'rusty' way...


and the modern-looking... errr... round wooden pizza dish???

market hall

Merchandise on the shelves


You may find your favourite cookbooks around...

It was another one fine Sunday, my brother and I had our lunch here in the Market Hall, Pavilion KL. It was a week after their grand opening, and more than half of the restaurant was taken for private function.

We sat in and ordered ourselves burgers in the first place. 

To our disappointment, after some times (about 10+ minutes), we were told that there were only selected mains available which include only pizza, limited selection of pasta and salad. We had no choice but to choose from limited 'others' that were available in the menu.

market hall1

Complimentary breadstix with dips. The breakstix, look a lot like pizza base was on the fluffy and crispy side.


Duck Confit Salad
came with lots of fresh greens and thick cuts of meat; surprisingly, they used the sweet, sourish and spicy thai dressing instead of French dressing. 


Their signature Rustic Seafood Pizza from the wood fire oven (RM 34.90)
Fluffy pizza dough topped with tomato, mozzarella, garlic, anchove, fresh chilli, prawn and arugula. The ingredients were really fresh; however, the taste was rather unmemorable one. 

market hall2

I love the interior of this restaurant that creates a cozy atmosphere for dining. 
However, the service was rather slow and in a not-so-professional way. It would be great if they inform their customer what's on the menu and what's not in the first place to avoid disappointments.

Maybe there are improvements?! I don't know...
Let's share your experience with me.

Market Hall
Lot 6.01.03
Level 6, Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur


Shell (貝殼) said...

I've been attracted by the design during my last week's visit to Pavilion. Sure will visit again to eat the food

Anonymous said...

We had experienced before too in some other places where we were informed that the dishes we ordered were not available :( sad case there...

Market Hall's pizza seems attractive, perhaps we should pay a visit after our exam :D

timing said...

Hmm, if already a week after opening then they should have already settled down a bit woh. Or at least settled down enough to tell you up front what is and isn't available on the menu hmmmm.

ai wei said...

their decor is something i love most :) hehe

yeah, those experiences were disappointing. aiks... anyway, happen to try out, let me know. maybe they have improve and all :)

hope they have improved :)

choi yen said...

look familiar the decor~~~ Plan B, It's Noodle Bar~~

Ciki said...

pizza looks great.. i can almost smell it from all the way over here:P hehe

jason said...

Oh yeah, it does look a bit like Noodle Bar in BV2.

Anonymous said...

Sure, if we happen to go there, we try this too :) haha..

ai wei said...

choi yen & jason,
oh, is it?! never been to noodle bar before. but this market hall falls under the group of the apartment



oLive said...

yer.. interested...
feel mao goin

Kavya Hari said...

My mouth is watering when seeing this pizza image :)

ღ 關於我 - Masako ღ said...

having a bad experience. No next time!

ai wei said...

how was your experience? mind to share???

mine the same. not a good one.

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