Monday, January 03, 2011

Hokkaido Ichiba @ The Gardens

A brand new year, 2011.
Let it starts with something sweet so that everything goes well and everyday goes sweet for the whole year...


How about this Shio Caramel Waffle (Rm 9.80)?!
Waffle with salt caramel ice cream, topped with butterscotch sauce, almond and pecan.


Every teaspoonful of velvety soft ice cream to go with the waffle; that will be great if they reheat the waffle!


Here is the place where you can get soft, silky and milky Hokkaido Ice Cream - Hokkaido Ichiba

hokkaido ichiban

1,2. You gotta love every colourful desserts in the menu.
3. With my Dessert-companion WenChing

Hokkaido Ichiba
Lot T-201, 3rd Floor,
The Garden Mall.
Tel: 03-22831060
Business hours: 10am - 10pm daily


Isaac Tan said...


Ciki said...

totally MAD HUNGRY. your photos are not helping LOL!

Unknown said...

yeah the waffles was quite bad during my visit there

uLi.佑莉 said...


Anonymous said...

i can see the texture of the ice-cream is super smooth.. so attractive :)

~Christine~Leng said...

desserts deprived! feed me dear!

Kenny Mah said...

Waffles and ice-cream. *swoons*

ai wei said...

issac tan,

ahhhh, sorry bout that lor. lolx. lunch time then go rush for something :P

ya lor, the waffles not good. but ice cream nicez


ai wei said...

very very yummy de lor :)

jom, we go again, feed u feed u :P


xin said...

went there last month too and the sukiyaki set @rm30 for lunch, is loaded with alotta beef!love it!

choi yen said...

Didn't manage to try their dessert on my last visit coz too full after the set meal >.<

Rebecca Saw said...

Darn I have yet to go there! Been so busy! And MV is such a horrid plc to get parkin ;p

jason said...

Will skip the waffles! I want the ice cream!

minchow said...

Yes, definitely a place to get your sweets on! Happy New Year! :-)

daphne said...

oooo... ICE CREAM much needed on this 36C day!

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